Why Is ‘General Hospital’ A Rerun Today?

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Today fans of General Hospital turned it on to find a rerun instead of a new episode. What is going on and why isn’t it new? Keep reading for details about what caused this soap opera to not air a new episode today on October 10, 2023.

Why Isn’t General Hospital New Today?

As the episode started, it came up on the screen and said, “This is an encore presentation. Today’s scheduled episode of General Hospital can be seen tomorrow.” The show also went to their Twitter to explain a bit more about what was going on. It said, “Due to imminent breaking news coverage, today’s scheduled episode of General Hospital will instead air tomorrow. #GH”

As of 1:16 p.m. CST, it was still airing the repeat of the episode instead of the news coverage. You can see the tweet below.

Fans Upset Over No New Episode

Fans were very upset over no new episode and went to Twitter to share their thoughts.

  • Ugh! Of freaking course Hate preemptions
  • Airing in Canada! Here comes Lois! #GH
  • This has been happening for too many years. Yall need soapnet back.
  • You’ve Already Delayed Multiple ep’ . . .but I hate to break it to You the president addressing the press Is Not a national holiday
  • Really. You think tomorrow’s news will be any different? 1 hour is not going to make a difference
  • WHAT IS IT with the GH hour that everyone has to break in for every little thing?? I would bet GH get preempted more than any other show day or night, bar none.
  • And you intentionally choose an episode of Nina vs. Michael / Willow.
  • i wish abc would just air it online and early morning for reg tv i watch all my tv shows online thru my att log in

Special Report Breaks In

At 1:22 p.m. President Biden broke in about what was going on with the Israeli War. This is what was airing instead of General Hospital. It seems to be the only show that was affected today so far at least. Daily Blast Live airs after GH and it is unknown if it will run into it or not.

Were you upset that it wasn’t a new episode of GH today? Sound off in the comments and catch new episodes on weekdays on ABC at 1 p.m. CST. You can catch the episode that was supposed to air today when it airs tomorrow instead. It appears that the new episode may have aired in Canada today.

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