Why Whitney Way Thore’s ‘MBFFL’ Becoming Unwatchable

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Whitney Way Thore always found critics who slammed her in My Big Fat Fabulous Life. However, it seems to get worse, and some people claim the show’s now become unwatchable. What upsets TLC fans so much? Read on to find out.

Fans Threatened To Boycott MBFFL & Whitney Way Thore

In Season 10 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC fans felt angry because Glenn Thore allowed his wife to be on the show. Actually, she really seemed deathly ill after her second stroke. So, a lot of people felt that letting her film was insensitive and exploited the older woman. Hunter and his sister obviously bought into the idea, so they also got slammed.

Whitney Way Thore and Babs from Instagram

Whitney Way Thore got critics threatening to boycott MBFFL before Season 11 even premiered. When the trailer dropped, many people were shocked because it revealed the funeral of Babs. In the past, TLC viewers rarely slammed Glenn, but his daughter shifted the blame onto her dad, who supposedly okayed the funeral for TLC. So, criticism only intensified.

Whitney Way Thore Makes The TLC Show Unwatchable?

As the new season progresses, people find much more to moan about. For instance, they think that Glenn’s daughter treats him like a mindless infant. For many people, shoving her dad aside at Jessica’s photoshoot was just one example of what viewers see as rude and crude. This weekend, My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers talked on Reddit about the show becoming unwatchable.

Whitney Way Thore MBFFL Becoming Unwatchable TLC YouTube
Whitney Way Thore – My Big Fat Fabulous Life – TLC YouTube

One non-fan of Whitney Way Thore, u/Bumblebee637 opined, “Listen, I am not above trash tv. I can’t look away from a car crash. But it’s taken me weeks to get through 2 episodes of the most recent season.” They also complained, “All of Whitney’s narcissism and cringey-ness, (sic) was fun escapism in the old days.” However, they added, “…when it revolves around Babs’ death and trying to control her grieving father and exploit his other family, I just truly can barely get through ten minutes at a time. Anyone else?”

MBFFL Viewers Join The Comments

Whitney Way Thore seemingly racked up a lot of critics this season. One of them said in the replies, “I got about halfway through the first episode before I had to turn it off mid-funeral, and I attempted to watch ep 2 last night, only successful through the clothing-shopping scene…  I’m going to attempt ep 3 soon, but I fear I’m done even hate-watching.”

Another unhappy My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewer opined, “It’s bad. As someone who lost my mom when I was 30, I do feel sad for anyone that loses a parent but she acts like she knows everything about grief and she doesn’t. She’s a clown. She treats Glenn like he doesn’t know how to live without her.”

Whitney Way Thore from Instagram, Babs' funeral video screenshot

Do you think that MBFFL is becoming unwatchable in Season 11? Do you think that critics are being too judgemental? And, do you agree that Glenn Thore’s daughter seems to have reacted to her mom’s death by being insufferable? Let us know in the comments below and watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life on Tuesdays on TLC.

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  1. I have found this show very unwatchable! This “new” family” that has come into the picture has Whitney doing gigs right and left, sickening!!! I find her louder and ruthless when it comes to her poor Dad. He needs to be
    given no time to have a thought to himself for fear he will fall apart. I also feel that he is not all that fond of being put in the spot light for his past issues with this other woman. Whitney needs to go away and grow up, finally!

    1. This show became unwatchable before this season. I find Whitney to be quite obnoxious. She lacks class for sure. Profanity does not serve her well. I am a plus size woman. She does not represent me. I hope she will do some serious self-reflection and will think before she speaks. I wish her well but choose not to watch her.

    2. I found the last episode, when the Thores met with Angie in Alabama, intolerable to watch. Witney’s behaviour was so obnoxious and condescending. When she can’t accept losing a simple game proves what a bully she really is. Her pronunciation of Alabama is so idiotic and her cliped, fast way of speaking is just abominal. She really did not present herself well in front of Glenn’s new found family and her constant loud guffaws were shameful. TLC really should take her off the air! She even had to boss her friend’s engagement pictures taking it away from her father who is a photographer. If Whitney is not front and center then she is not happy and it shows all over her face. I’m not watching this show any more.

      1. Your comments are so true Whitney needs to back off and quit trying to be the whole show-give Glenn a chance to grieve and quit telling him how to live his life!

  2. This show was great until the past 2 seasons. Whitney treats her poor dad like a kid she has to control everything he does. She has been so obnoxious the way she acts has been disgusting to watch. She’s a plus size woman and there’s nothing wrong with that but she acts is absolutely disgusting. She dresses horrible but thinks her dad needs help with his fashion which he doesn’t. She talks very nasty for a woman who claims to be a positive role model. plus she’s in love with Lenny but won’t admit it but also she will don’t want him to have a a girlfriend. I’m struggling to watch this season because of her actions for heavens sake her dad couldn’t even make up his own bucket list. I’m sure she’ll try to control his family hopefully they shut her down and let her know she’s not the boss of everyone.

  3. I hate the way she treats her brother. she treats the 2 most important men in her life poorly. no wonder she isn’t married.

  4. I can’t watch show any more. Whitney has gotten too aggressive . I feel bad for her father enduring her verbal strikes

  5. I have gotten distracted by this show in the last two years. I feel terrible for anyone losing a parent or any close relative. Why a grown woman on TV consistently calls her Mother “mommy” is ridiculous. Sorry, I just can’t stand hearing her act like that. Is it a Southern thing? I lost my father when I was 22 and never called him Daddy. Not even since my younger years. It just rubs me the wrong way. IDK..

  6. . I agree with. Everyone. Whitney for some reason now feel like she should control everything and everyone. I was embarrassed for her poor dad with her sister and her family. She made everything a competition. Someone needs to take her down a few notches and tell her to back off because she is not the boss of everyone and everything! She needs to act like an appreciative guest.j

  7. Whitney has always been bossy and the center of attention She dress poorly and seems to think she the best at everything if she thinks she the best dancer she better think again that wasn’t line dancing she was trying to do 4 sure lol She is such an embarrassment to her father that poor man. I remember when the mother was alive and Whitney tried then to clean out the house and make them live down stairs my lord lady mind your business. I will still watch the show just so maybe one day someone will tell her off and knock her fat ass down a few notch’s lol Sorry I said fat ass not trying to insult anyone it’s just she could at least dress better then letting it all hang out there.

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