‘WCTH’ Fans Plan To Boycott After Lucas Elizabeth Twist

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When Calls The Heart fans are very upset after the last episode and how it ended. Lucas Bouchard is running for Governor and it looks like he could be leaving Hope Valley. This was also the end of his relationship with Elizabeth. Now fans are saying they are going to boycott the show over this twist.

Lucas And Elizabeth Twist On When Calls The Heart

On last week’s episode of When Calls The Heart, fans were really upset about how it ended. Lucas made plans to run for Governor and he expected Elizabeth to leave Hope Valley with him if he won. This is her home and she doesn’t plan to leave. She told him that things were over between them. There won’t be a wedding and she won’t be moving with him. This had fans really upset. The preview for next week even looks like there is a chance that she could end up reconnecting with Nathan, but only time will tell if that will happen.

Fans Share Their Plans To Boycott

The fans of WCTH are really upset over how this went down. A lot of Lucas and Elizabeth fans are saying now that they won’t be watching the show at all. They are planning to quit. This also happened when Nathan and Elizabeth split, but the ratings have still been great for the show. Here is what some fans had to say on Twitter about their thoughts.

  • Well, this season is over for me… I won’t watch the last episode …I’m done investing my time in a series with sub-par writing of illogical storylines that go  absolutely nowhere or in circles…This season has been an absolute disaster, so thanks for NOTHING @#wcth
  • #WCTH

    #Hearties It’s Tuesday morning and my resolve to never watch #WCTH is still burning. I’m still shook that they took a great love story and referenced it to Casablanca. What they have done to E character, I’m no longer interested invested in her life.

  • Enjoyed???? You can’t be serious! The new showrunner has taken a wonderful series and turned it into garbage! WCTH was a happy place, not anymore. I refuse to watch it! I’m done!!
  • Yes no desire to watch the finale either after many years of WCTH done ..just became a garbage show..this was not a teen drama..

Do you plan to boycott WCTH and not watch now that Lucas and Elizabeth are over? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss the big finale of When Calls The Heart next Sunday night at 8 p.m. CST on Hallmark.

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  1. I actually plan to start watching again now that the story is set back to the original intent of the books the show is based on. The previous show runner ruined the show and the current show runner is working to set it back to the way it should be. Many of the fans that left at the end of S8 will now come back.

    1. That is what my reply is. Team Lucas is still going to get great story lines. I think Lucas acting talents will soar in his new role.

  2. I have not watched WCTH or anything on HM since the end of season 8. last Sunday I watched WCTH and now watching the whole season 10 on demand. I will also begin to watch the movies..The real travesty was at end of Season 8…thank you for fixing the series to its original format.

  3. I’m glad with the flip in the story line Elizabeth and Lucas just didn’t make sense there was no chemistry there. Even if Elizabeth and Nathan don’t come together I’m glad that it’s back to the original story of a school teacher and a Mountie

  4. You turned Elizabeth into a shrew who doesn’t have the backbone to be the governor’s wife. All the good she could do and she won’t leave her town. I felt she was a huge disappointment as a character when she couldn’t decide who she loved, and now this. I AM DONE!

    1. I won’t be watching. Elizabeth was once a sweet teacher who was warm, happy and loving, this showrunner has turned her into a selfish, self-centered spoiled brat. She literally fell apart when Lucas didn’t propose and now that he did, she thinks about herself. He is giving up his entire life for her and the city she loves and yet she can’t move to the edge of town into a brand-new house for him. Think of all the women and girls she could have helped from there. Now she will live in Jack’s shanty house, with Jack’s pictures and Jack’s replacement who lied to her for 3 years and treated her like she has no mind of her own. Not the kind of teacher I would want my kids to learn from.

  5. I would love to see Julie Conzolo take Elizabeth ‘s place. she is his love in real life, that would be awesome!!💕

  6. I haven’t watched since S8 when she chose Lucas but did read that Lucas and Elizabeth split up so I watched episode 11 & 12. I do hope she chooses to be with Nathan but if not that’s OK to I know they will bring someone in for her if not Nathan because this is a love story type show and she is the star so she will have to find somebody.

  7. I have been a true WCTH fan since it aired .A new writer has now been put in place has totally ruined the love story and romance between Elizabeth and Lucas. When they connected I got goose bumps feeling there connection . Then you have LJ omg what a relationship . I was hoping Lucas would adopt him . Im
    So heart broken and will
    Not be watching next season .

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