‘Today’ Savannah Guthrie Shares Heartbreak, Fans Send Prayers

Today - Savannah Guthrie - YouTube

Today host Savannah Guthrie is sharing heartbreaking details with viewers, which has prompted many fans to send prayers. While some stories on the talk show are happy and uplifting, Savannah and her co-hosts also discuss the harder, sadder news as well. What is this all about? Keep reading for the full details.

Savannah Guthrie shares a heartbreaking story.

This week, Savannah shared an emotional story with viewers. The Hamas attacks on Israel have been making headlines for the past several days. Now, the Today anchor is offering a very personal story.

On the talk show, she spoke with a man named Yoni Asher, who lives in Israel. He revealed that his wife, two daughters, and mother-in-law are being held hostage by the Hamas militants. His daughters are very young. One is four years old and the other is two years old.

Today - Savannah Guthrie - YouTube
Today – Savannah Guthrie – YouTube

On XToday shared a clip of Savannah Guthrie’s interview with Yoni. Yoni’s wife and daughters went to visit his mother-in-law in a “little village next to Gaza.” However, he stayed back so he could work.

While speaking with Savannah, Yoni explained that he saw a video and recognized his wife and daughters. He also had a phone call with his wife. He said, “She told me that there were terrorists inside the house. But when I saw the video later after I tracked her phone, there was no doubt in my mind that she was taken.” Now, he believes his wife, daughters, and mother-in-law are in Gaza.

The devastated father begged for his family to be safely returned to him. He expressed his feelings about innocent women and children being captured, saying, “Babies, women, and families are off limits. You can’t just take them and hold them in captivity. I don’t know what conditions are they held in. I don’t know if they are enough, if they’re cold or hot, if they’re hurt, if they’re getting treatment right.”

Below, you can watch a clip of Savannah’s interview with Yoni.

Today fans send prayers.

In the replies to Today’s post, many fans are sending love and prayers to Yoni, as well as the many others affected. One fan said, “I’m praying for everyone. God please help!” Another called Yoni’s situation “heartbreaking” and promised they are “sending prayers.”

Many others are filling the replies with similar sentiments, expressing their sadness over this heartbreaking situation.

So, are you glad to see Savannah Guthrie and Today highlighting these tragic stories and raising awareness of the heartbreaking situation? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Today hosts and the top stories they’re sharing.

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