Derick Dillard Rubbing Success In Jim Bob Duggar’s Face?

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Is former TLC star Derick Dillard rubbing his success in Jim Bob Duggar‘s face? Counting On fans think it looks that way. Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband is making it clear that he and his wife are very successful. Is this a way to throw shade at his father-in-law? Keep reading for all of the details.

Derick Dillard & Jill Duggar detail their relationship with Jim Bob Duggar.

As we’ve reported, Jill and Derick recently published a book called Counting the CostThe book details their time on TLC, their relationship with Jim Bob Duggar, and more. In it, they exposed the poor payment they received from Jim Bob, as well as the conflicts they faced with him over the years. It’s clear to see that they aren’t on the best terms.

Fans assume that Jim Bob is unhappy that Jill and Derick have exposed so many family secrets in their new book. It certainly doesn’t paint Jim Bob in a positive light. Now that the book is doing so well, fans are wondering if Derick Dillard might have found a way to rub the success of the book in his father-in-law’s face. After all, they allege that they were underpaid by him for years despite being a part of his TLC shows.

Derick Dillard Jill Duggar Dillard
Derick Dillard Jill Duggar Dillard

Is Jill’s husband rubbing his success in Jim Bob’s face?

As we reported, Derick Dillard called into Dave Ramsey’s show this week. On The Ramsey Show, the financial expert offers personalized advice to people who call in and ask questions. Derick explained to Dave that he and his wife wrote a book, which is now on the New York Times Bestsellers list, and that they received a $50,000 check on its release date. Derick asked Dave what they should do with the money since they are doing well financially.

On Redditfans are talking about Derick’s call to Dave and speculating he did it to rub his success in Jim Bob’s face. One fan said, “I believe it’s either a book promo or Derick trying to let the family know how well they are doing. Siblings are not talking to Jill but listen to the show.”

Another agreed, “That is such a sick burn to the parents.”

Someone else shared how much they appreciate Derick being “petty” toward Jim Bob in this way. They wrote, “One thing I admire about this man is how much petty-ness drives him.”

It’s unclear what Derick’s intentions were. It’s possible he truly wanted financial advice, or maybe he wanted to show Jim Bob just how well he and Jill are doing.

Derick’s call can be heard beginning at the 1:25:43 mark in the YouTube video below.

So, do you think Derick Dillard called into Dave Ramsey’s show to rub his success in Jim Bob Duggar’s face? Or do you think he truly wanted financial advice? How do you think Jim Bob feels about all of this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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