Ashley Jones Calls Dr. Drew ‘Messy’ In Season Reunion Trailer

Ashley Jones on 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' - YouTube, MTV's Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2: The Next Chapter fans are left stunned by the season reunion trailer where Ashley Jones calls Dr. Drew “Messy”. Dr Drew is seen asking Ashley to speak to some unshown drama where he says “We can send everybody out and have that conversation now if you want”. Ashley replies to him “Drew, I’m giving your a** the messy award”. After Ashley’s comment, the entire cast is seen breaking out in laughter before the trailer cuts to a different clip.

Newly Single Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones recently tweeted “So when you see me, doing me, please know I am single, and there has BEEN a line of handsome young men waiting”. This tweet comes only one year after Ashley married Bariki Smith. The Teen Mom 2 star continued to say “Send me y’all fine a** brothers. It’s a good morning to be on absolute bulls**t. You can give your all to a n***a, and they will still do you greasy over a mediocre b***h. I told myself I would never be that b***h. It’s time for me to go”. It seems there is much drama happening in Ashley Jones’s life for Dr. Drew to dig into, and that may be the reason Ashley called him “Messy”. 

Barikis’ Take

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Bariki Smith speaks on the split of the couple. “So we want to clear the air. I have had amazing times and learned so many things from Ashley. I will forever be grateful for everything but unfortunately, we have come to unforeseen issues, and people have grown apart. There is no specific blame being placed on either end. But we had both respectfully agreed to part ways and continue with life, unfortunately without each other. I will always be there when I’m needed, and so will she, but the time to separate has come.” Sounds like his version is a lot different than what Ashley is saying. Ashley did not address the post on any of her platforms. 

It is going to be interesting to listen to Dr. Drew get into this with Ashley and find out the details. Maybe she will finally talk about if she is single and what really went down with Bar. Fans want to know the details.

Don’t miss the big reunion of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 2 when it airs on Wednesday night on MTV.

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