‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Truth Behind Briney Courtship Gone Wrong

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The Briney family from Season 1 of Seeking Sister Wife never returned to the show to tell the rest of their story. Yet, there was a good reason for this as Drew Briney had lost a wife. Then, it progressively got worse and it seems to not have stopped. Read on for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Truth Behind Briney Courtship Gone Wrong

When Season 2 of Seeking Sister Wife was set to begin, the Briney family vanished. This could be because Drew’s wife, April vanished, as well. She left the family so she could go on a hike but she was really cutting ties and taking their six kids with her. Though they had filmed footage for the sophomore season, once this happened, the Brineys were quickly replaced. A short time later, his third wife, Angela also left the plural family so this meant he was much like Kody Brown.

The Briney Wives-Seeking Sister Wife-YouTube
The Briney Wives-Seeking Sister Wife-YouTube

Drew had just one wife left, Auralee, who recently faced her own tragedy when her sister passed away. However, the big question now is if they will try and court more women to keep up the plural family. It looks like they may have already tried and actually hurt the woman, per Reddit. Apparently, her name is Debra and she spilled the tea and her heart on Auralee’s Instagram page. According to Debra, they spent a year and a half courting her then seemingly ghosted her with no explanation.

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So, what did Seeking Sister Wife fans have to say? “That’s a long time in the Mormon world to court somebody to not get married or engaged. She said she spent money. I don’t get a great vibe about the mess,” one noted. Another added: I found her Facebook profile and she appears to be from the UK. She and Drew would have needed to legally marry for her to move here permanently. I’ll bet Auralee didn’t like that.”

Like Kody

As aforementioned, Drew Briney is now down to one wife, just like Kody Brown from Sister Wives. Redditors could not help but note the comparison. One also suggested that Drew may be broke thus he could not pay for Debra’s visa. This also makes sense. At the same time, some Seeking Sister Wife viewers were curious if there was more to the story. They agreed with the person who stated that eighteen months is very long to court. So, this is fishy and maybe the Brineys need to have their say at some point. Or, it is possible they have no idea what Debra is saying and how she is slandering them.

Do you believe that they led her on for all those months and then dropped her for no reason? Let us know in the comments below.

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