‘90 Day Fiance’ Why Was Nikki Exotika Kicked Off ‘Botched’?

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Why was 90 Day Fiance newcomer Nikki Exotika, aka Nikki Sanders, kicked off of the E! series, Botched? She has been very open about having a plethora of plastic surgeries. More so, she seems very proud of them so what went wrong? Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance Why Was Nikki Exotika Kicked Off Botched?

Nikki Sanders announced that she was the person to consult for plastic surgeries on the Season 10 premiere of 90 Day Fiance. Currently, she is trying to make her romance work with Moldovian, Justin. Unfortunately, he struggles with the fact that Nikki did not disclose that she was transgender when they first started dating over fifteen years ago. This has caused a big struggle in their relationship but they are trying to make it work and Nikki is hopeful. However, this is not her first rodeo in the reality television world. In a previous life, Nikki appeared on the Terry Dubrow/Paul Nassif-helmed series, Botched.


This is where people who have had plastic surgery come to seek help and a remedy. Yet, it seems the 90 Day Fiance star was actually kicked off the hit E! series. According to a Reddit thread, she was on the show nine years ago but was given the boot. There was a link to the Daily Mail explaining why, dated back to July 2014. Apparently, she was able to get her breasts fixed, thanks to Dr. Dubrow. However, she could not work for two months as she needed to properly recover.

Due to this, she claims that she lost her home because she couldn’t make money. Plus, she didn’t ultimately make it onto the show. Nikki made a Facebook video where said this: “I lost everything. I’m very distraught with everything that’s gone down with the TV show Botched. Dr Dubrow fixed my breasts and I’m grateful for that but in the midst of the whole TV show I lost my apartment.”

The Outcome

An insider did allege that Nikki Sanders was hard to work with on Botched. More so, it did not help that she was no stranger to plastic surgery. Per the series, they shared that they chose to go in another direction for the episode. Fans on Reddit immediately responded to this news. They felt it was her fault she did not plan her money properly for her downtime. Yet, they did want to see her filming the series.

Nikki Exotika-YouTube
Nikki Exotika-YouTube

Another noticed that she said she was 33 in the article which would make her 42 now. However, she is saying she is 47 on 90 Day Fiance so there are some serious inconsistencies with Nikki. She seems to be living quite the lavish life on the show with the ability to do whatever she pleases.

Are you shocked that Nikki has made her way around the reality TV world? More so, can you believe she was thrown off of Botched? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.

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