‘Teen Mom:’ Did CPS Take Jenelle Evans’ Other Children?

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Feature From Instagram

North Carolina’s Child Protective Services (CPS) recently opened an investigation into MTV’s Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason. Furthermore, after running away three different times, her 14-year-old Jace is NOT currently in her custody. The last official update Teen Mom fans received revealed that Jace was in the hospital.

Why Has CPS Gotten Involved With Jace?

After running from home three times in such a small window, North Carolina’s Child Protective Services (CPS) had no choice but to open an investigation. Is there a reason Jenelle Evans’ teenager keeps running away from his home? Turns out, Jace does claim to have a reason.

The teenager has accused David Eason of assaulting him. He claims the assault was caught on camera. And, he ran from home to hide from his mother’s husband.

Now, Jenelle Evans has been pointing her finger at her mother Barbara this entire time. David Eason, on the other hand, insisted the entire thing his a huge misunderstanding. For the time being, both have asked the press to stop talking about Jace. Jenelle Evans even modified the settings on her TikTok to block comments mentioning her son Jace.


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Did CPS Take Jenelle Evans’ Other Children?

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Jenelle Evans’ recent live stream on TikTok left her followers with a lot of questions. She went live very briefly before getting off because she heard Kaiser and needed to go cook breakfast.

Now, Teen Mom fans questioned how she heard Kaiser if she was streaming from her shed. Some fans agreed it felt like Jenelle Evans no longer had any of her children in her home. And, they questioned if CPS had removed all of them to protect them from David.

Jenelle Evans seemingly answered those questions by posting a photo of Kaiser and Ensley. The photo revealed she was making pumpkins using Rice Krispies treats with her children.

Jenelle Evans - Instagram
Jenelle Evans – Instagram

Teen Mom Fans Have More Questions

Some fans noted that Jenelle Evans never does more with her children than when she’s under investigation. Other fans agreed this update was just to make people think she was a “good mom.”

Not everyone was ready to rip the former MTV personality though. Some pointed out that it is incredibly rare for CPS to remove every single child from a household. Moreover, some argued that Jenelle’s children would not necessarily be safer in foster care.

Jenelle Evans/Facebook

Sadly, there were also some fans who speculated the photo was actually old. So, they didn’t think it confirmed the children were still in Jenelle’s care.

What do you make of Jenelle Evans’ Instagram Stories update? Is this confirmation CPS has not taken her children? Or, do you also think the photo might be old? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Teen Mom news.

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