Lauren Bushnell’s ‘Kylie Jenner Moment,’ Changes Son’s Name

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Lauren Bushnell had a ‘Kylie Jenner moment!’ The mom of two took to Instagram to explain why she needed to change one of her son’s names. Keep reading for all the details.

Lauren Bushnell’s ‘Kylie Jenner moment’

Last year, Lauren Bushnell and her country singer husband, Chris Lane, welcomed their second little boy, Baker. Baker is Dutton’s little brother. Dutton was born in 2021 while Baker was born in October of last year. Despite Baker being almost a year old though, Lauren decided it was time for a change with his name. She calls this a ‘Kylie Jenner moment.’ She took to Instagram to explain.

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“I just dropped off Baker’s name change form at the Vital Records Office, but I’m just having a Kylie Jenner moment, you know, changing my son’s name,” she says according to Us Weekly.

Of course, Kylie Jenner had her baby and named him Wolf before later taking it all back and legally changing his name to Aire.

However, Lauren didn’t change Baker’s first name. Instead, she only switched up his middle name.


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What did she change it to?

Apparently, Baker’s original middle name was Weston. However, even on the way to the hospital, Chris and Lauren weren’t 100% certain that was the right name for him.

“[It] was Weston, we actually, like, panicked in the hospital because we just couldn’t decide and it was between West and Weston, and we ended up going with Weston,” she explains.

She continues to explain that after he was born they realized the name West fit him much better. Plus, they already call him Baker West all the time. “But Baker is such a Baker West and that’s just what we call him. Dutton calls him Baker West, I call him Baker West [and] like his personality is so much more of a West than a Weston, so now he’s Baker West.”

So, now Baker’s name is officially Baker West instead of Baker Weston.

How do you change a name?

It seems to be growing in popularity to change a baby’s name after they are already born. Apparently, the process is actually very easy. Especially since Baker is not yet one. Lauren says she only had to pay $15 for the change.

“It’s super easy if you want to change your kid’s name and they’re under 1. Very easy, just had to pay $15. So new name: Baker West.”

What do you think of Lauren Bushnell’s son’s new middle name? Do you like West or Weston better? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation stars.

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