Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Incredible Transformation & Secret Battle

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been documenting her weight loss journey on social media. She began her physical goals years ago. But it seems there are days when she doesn’t feel like going to the gym. However, the 54-year-old has a secret to keep her motivated. Keep reading to see one of her ways of getting herself pumped.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Incredible Transformation

Janelle’s weight loss journey has impressed a lot of fans. Many of her recent workout clips show that she has dropped significant pounds over the past few months. The Sister Wives star kept adding new routines as well. Earlier this year, the mother of six shared a clip of herself doing weightlifting. She also brought intense stretching and has been using more equipment at the gym. The TLC star has yet to share her current weight. But it’s clear that she became much slimmer this year.

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Janelle’s Secret To Keep Going

Janelle Brown recently took to IG stories to talk about the times when she just didn’t feel like going to the gym. According to the Sister Wives star, she kept fighting the lazy days by forcing herself to walk to the car and drive to the workout facility. She also added getting so much satisfaction whenever the sweat starts coming out, and that makes her even more determined. The reality TV personality also shared a clip showing the aftermath of her gym day. Her face turned red after working out, and her slimming face is becoming more noticeable.

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Sister Wives: Janelle & Kody Brown’s Status Today

Season 18 may be one of the worst seasons for Janelle and Kody. They had a huge fight in Episode 3, and it seems that the former second wife is no longer hoping that things will get back to normal between them. In a sneak peek for Sunday’s episode, the Sister Wives star revealed that their marriage would only work if they’re “struck by lighting.” Nevertheless, she made it clear in an interview that things have been “all friendly” between everyone behind the cameras.

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Janelle Brown also said that she still has some affection for her ex-husband but no longer wants to be married and be with him. Meanwhile, Kody recently had an interview where he reflected on how his relationships with the older kids have changed. According to the patriarch, he felt powerless over the adults, and the household rules were no longer followed. He also expressed regrets about his estrangement from Gabriel and Garrison. The father of 18 also hopes that they reconcile soon.

The eighth episode of Season 18 will air on Sunday, October 8. If you are looking for more Sister Wives news, come back to TV Shows Ace for all your updates.

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