Rena Sofer Returns To ‘General Hospital’ After 26 Years

There have been rumors that Rena Sofer would be returning to General Hospital to reprise her role as Lois Cerullo. Now, those rumors have been confirmed. Here is what viewers can expect and when Rena will be returning to GH. 

A Clip Shows Rena Sofer’s Return To General Hospital

Lois Cerullo’s comeback on GH has been nearly three decades in the making. Now, it has been confirmed that Rena Sofer will reprise her role as Lois and return to Port Charles after 26 years.

Rena Sofer returns to General Hospital - YouTube, General Hospital Cast Updates

Image: YouTube/General Hospital Cast Updates

In a clip shared with TVLine, viewers can tell that Lois’ return catches her daughter, Brook Lynn, played by Amanda Setton, and her ex-mother-in-law Tracy (Jane Elliott) by surprise. After all, they haven’t seen her in decades.

Following a number of insults being hurled at her, Lois explains why she left Bensonhurst to begin with. After hearing what she had to say, Brook Lynn informs her that her evil grandmother, Tracy, was the entire reason any of it happened.

Lois’ return to General Hospital coincides with her ex-husband Ned dealing with amnesia. Ned is actually played by Rena Sofer’s real-life ex-husband Wally Kurth.

His memory loss has Ned thinking that he is his 90s rockstar alter ego, Eddie Maine. Long-time GH viewers will know that Lois initially fell in love with Eddie, not Ned. At the time, she wasn’t aware of his real identity. They got married in 1995, but their first marriage was short-lived after Lois discovered Ned was already married to Mary Beth Evans’ Katherine Bell.

Ned eventually won Lois back and the couple wed once again, only to be divorced a second time. After they split, Lois left town to give birth to their daughter, Brook Lynn.

While Lois’ character resurfaced on General Hospital again in 2005, she was played by Lesli Kay. So, this is a true return of Lois Cerullo to Port Charles.

How Long Will Lois Be Back On The Show?

Right now, it isn’t clear how long Rena Sofer will be back in Port Charles. A source revealed to TVLine that she will return for a “nice run” though. So it’s safe to say that viewers will be able to see her on more than one episode.

Rena Sofer returns to General Hospital - YouTube, State Of Mind with Maurice Benard

Image: YouTube/State Of Mind with Maurice Benard

Fans will be able to get their first glimpse of Rena Sofer on General Hospital in 26 years next week. She is expected to appear in the Tuesday, October 10 episode.

As usual, viewers will be able to tune in to General Hospital at 3 p.m. EST Monday through Friday on ABC. However, the regular air time can be disrupted by other television events, such as baseball games. It is also available to stream on Hulu.

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