ABC’s ’20/20′: Escape And Romance Of Casey White & Vicky White

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A new episode of ABC’s 20/20 titled “Catch Us If You Can” airs tonight featuring the escape and secret romance of Casey White and Vicky White. The episode will reveal shocking new details about their secret romance and the manhunt.

How exactly did security cameras at a car wash in the state of Indiana help end the manhunt and result in the capture of inmate Casey White and security guard Vicky White? Keep reading for all the details on this exciting new episode.

ABC’s 20/20: Escape And Romance Of Casey White & Vicky White

The escape of Casey White in April 2022 shook investigators to their core. It, however, was not just because of how dangerous this man was. It was also because of HOW he was able to escape. Turns out, the inmate had been engaged in a secret relationship with a security guard named Vicky White. And, she helped him escape.

Casey White was behind bars following a violent crime spree. A crime spree that involved robbery and attempted murder. He was also awaiting trial for capital murder at the time of his escape. Despite sharing the same last name, there was no relation between Casey and Vicky White. Shockingly, Vicky has been a correction officer at the facility for a long time. She engaged in a romance with Casey, she spent a long time planning his escape, she walked out with him, and they seemingly vanished. Investigators were stunned. She had worked this job for such a long time. They couldn’t believe she willingly helped such a terrifying man escape.

Candy Allen, a co-worker and friend of Vicky, told the 20/20 cameras they had a hard time believing Vicky willingly helped Casey escape.

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There Was So Much More To This Story

It wasn’t until authorities began to investigate to figure out how Casey got Vicky to help him escape that they learned the truth. She reportedly fell in love with the inmate and had been giving him special treatment prior to his escape.

The manhunt ended 11 days after the escape and disappearance. Casey White was captured. Sadly, Vicky died from a gunshot wound that was self-inflicted.

During tonight’s episode 20/20 co-anchor Deborah Roberts will go inside the jail cell that Casey White called home prior to escape. Deborah will also take a look at significant security cam footage of Casey and Vicky just weeks before the planned escape.

The 20/20 episode titled “Catch Us If You Can,” premieres tonight at 9/8c on ABC. It can be streamed the following day via Hulu.

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