‘Golden Bachelor’: What Happened To Marina After Week One?

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Tonight on The Golden Bachelor viewers noticed that Marina wasn’t around. She got a rose from Gerry on week one of the show and fans loved her. They wanted to know where she was and why she wasn’t around this week. It turns out that she had to go home early and wasn’t going to be part of the show anymore.

Where Is Marina?

In a clip from ABC, Jesse Palmer showed up to talk to Gerry and Marina was on Facetime. He explained that Marina had a situation with her family and was no longer there. She had to go home. She explained to Gerry that she had to choose her family and go home early. This was after just one week on the show The Golden Bachelor. She did seem to have a connection with Gerry and fans were sad to see her go so soon.

Marina apologized to Gerry for going home. It sounded like she made the right choice. He understood that her commitment to her family came first. He sent his prayers and support to her. Marina told him that she wished him nothing but the best. He also wished her all the happiness in the world. Hopefully, they can both find love, but it won’t be with each other. She never explained exactly what happened with her family that made it where she had to go home, though. You can see the clip below.

Gerry Was Disappointed

Gerry admitted that he was disappointed that Marina left the show, but he thinks she made the right choice. It sounds like she just wasn’t the one for him. You never know maybe ABC will give her another chance on a future season of the show. They have been known to bring people back again. She probably won’t be The Bachelorette, but maybe she will get a chance to find love with a future Golden Bachelor. It would be great to get a chance to see her again someday.

Were you shocked to see Marina gone from The Golden Bachelor this week? Did you think she would be a good match for Gerry? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Don’t miss new episodes of The Golden Bachelor every Thursday night on ABC at 7 p.m. CST. These episodes are only one hour each week. It is followed by a two-hour episode of Bachelor In Paradise each week.

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