David Eason Posts Pics With Jace, So Much Fun Together

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Teen Mom alum David Eason is posting pictures with his stepson, Jace amid assault allegations from the teen. The fourteen-year-old son of Jenelle Evans recently ran away for the third time in less than two months. There is a lot to unpack in the situation but David is determined to prove that he and Jace have an amazing friendship and father/son relationship.

David Eason Posts Pics With Jace, So Much Fun Together

When Jace ran away for the third time, followers were really nervous as he had been reported as a missing person. Plus, there had been no updates from his mother, Jenelle Evans whatsoever. Finally, the following day, she went onto TikTok and revealed that he had been located and was safe. Yet, it was ultimately learned that he was not in her care. Then, it was alleged by Jace that he had run away because his stepfather, David Eason had assaulted him. It was also claimed that there were witnesses and Ring footage which is still under investigation.

David Eason-Instagram
David Eason-Instagram

Of course, David and Jenelle denied this and she maintained that she still had custody of her children. More so, she was doing what she needed to in order to comply with what was asked of her. For his part, David wanted everyone to stop talking about Jace and really what they did not know. Now, according to TMZ, David Eason is taking it one step further to prove that he and Jace had and have an amazing relationship.


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On Wednesday, October 4th, he went so far as to upload a handful of photos that showcased the fun he and Jace have had in the past. In the caption, David wrote: “Nobody understands our relationship and that’s fine because they don’t need to!” They can be seen playing Jenga, playing pool, fishing, and more. However, David turned off the comments on his Instagram to avoid any negativity from others. Facebook followers believed David was a great stepdad and appreciated where he was coming from.

What the Future Holds

Clearly, these are great images of the two of them having an amazing bonding time. However, Jace has allegedly claimed that he will not return home to his mother and David Eason. He added that if he is forced to go back, he will run away again. Therefore, some solution needs to be made to ensure his safety. That is really the bottom line to keep him from leaving again.

Do you believe that David and Jace have a good bond or is it just for show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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