Why Isn’t ‘General Hospital’ On Today?

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On October 3, 2023, fans noticed that there is no new episode of General Hospital. Usually, there is a new episode every weekday, and viewers are always excited to watch. So why isn’t it airing today or tomorrow?

Why Isn’t GH On Today?

The MLB playoffs are going on and they will be airing on ABC instead. The Tampa Bay Rays are playing against the Texas Rangers. There will be a game today and the next two days, so there won’t be a new episode of General Hospital for the next three days. This means you won’t be seeing the drama in Port Charles for a couple of days. Fans are really upset about missing their favorite soap opera this week.

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Is General Hospital On Thursday?

There is a bit of confusion about if it will be on Thursday or not. It was revealed that the new episode would not air on Thursday, but then General Hospital went to X and shared that it would be back that day. So what is actually going on?

Fans are confused in the comments and don’t know what is going on either. Here is what they had to say.

  • On my cable guide, it is showing that the show is showing a repeat on Thursday.
  • You guys should put 2022 to 2023 episodes on Spotlight since so many new and returning viewers are trying to catch-up.
  • My cable guide shows Thursday to be a repeat. This is very confusing.
  • Why Thursday? Why not Tuesday or Wednesday? Can’t wait for the next new one.
  • This sucks show the games at night since new episodes aren’t airing of evening shows.
  • Thursday?????
  • I’m showing Rangers @ Rays, if necessary, game 3. (Thurs)

It sounds like it will depend on how the games go on Tuesday and Wednesday if there will be a game on Thursday or not. It is unknown just yet if one will be needed or not. Regardless, the show will be back with new episodes on Friday. That is great news for fans of General Hospital. There is a lot going on that you don’t want to miss.

General Hospital will return with new episodes on Friday, October 6, 2023. Until then you will have to just have to wait to see what is going on in Port Charles. Don’t miss the new episodes when they return to ABC later this week. Hopefully, they will end up returning on Thursday, but it will be Friday at the latest.

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  1. The game starts after GH would normally end at 3:00 PM ET so there’s no reason to put a repeat on for GH and show the game after that, unless they’re trying to drag out the new GH episodes and this seemed like a good excuse.

  2. Put my general hospital back together n I don’t care anything about a bunch over payed men throwing and hitting a baseball this is bull crap.

  3. At least I know I’m not the only one not getting the last two episodes! Too bad Hulu is the only way to stream GH. Very frustrating.

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