‘DWTS’ Julianne Hough SIZZLES, Shows Some Leg

Julianne Hough from Access Hollywood sourced from YouTube

Dancing With The Stars hostess Julianne Hough is definitely making a splash with her online audience members. Tonight’s episode is just hours away. And in the meantime, it seems like Julianne is trying to drum up audience engagement.

Many DWTS fans are always eager to see fun behind-the-scenes clips. But this time, the 35-year-old dancer decided to show off a little bit of skin. Keep reading to see what she posted.

Julianne Hough puts her long, sensual legs on display

While viewers around the country are excited to catch the next episode of Dancing With The Stars, the cast is busy preparing for the night. The hours leading up to the big performance are incredibly busy and require a lot of hair, makeup, and wardrobe decisions.

Ahead of tonight’s episode, Julianne Hough decided to give her followers a little peek behind the scenes.

Julianne Hough from The Kelly Clarkson Show, sourced from YouTube
Julianne Hough/The Kelly Clarkson Show

“Who doesn’t love a little BTS glam moment ✨” the DWTS hostess captioned her Instagram video. In the footage, Julianne is wearing a comfortable white robe and sips a beverage while her stylist curls her hair for the upcoming show. She crosses her legs, putting them on full view for the camera.

Although behind-the-scenes videos are always fun, many followers were impressed with just how toned and beautiful her legs looked. Julianne Hough is no longer a pro dancer on Dancing With The Stars, but it’s clear she stays in shape.

Julianne Hough from Instagram
Julianne Hough/Instagram

“What the agenda for today Legs McUtah 👠🎀” one fan wrote in the comments.

“those calf muscles ? 🔥” another wrote.

Check out the video for yourself here:

Fans are excited to have the Utah dancer back in the ballroom

Fans definitely had a lot to say about Julianne Hough’s legs. But many also expressed excitement over having her back in the ballroom. She hasn’t been a pro dancer on the show since Season 8, but fans love having the Hough siblings on the show at the same time again.

Julianne has only been the co-host for one episode so far, but many fans agree she’s performing better than her predecessor Tyra Banks. Viewers are incredibly excited to see how she does with the rest of Season 32.

“Glad you are back in the ballroom. You were great co-hosting last week. Can’t wait to see you do it for the rest of the season,” one fan shared in the comments on the video.

What do you think about Julianne Hough’s leggy behind-the-scenes video? Do you like her as the newest co-host? Share what you think in the comments below.

Dancing With The Stars Latin Week kicks off at 8 PM Eastern time on ABC. Tune in and see who wows the judges and who goes home!

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