Fans Disgusted In Whitney Way Thore’s Treatment Of Dad, Glenn

Whitney Way Thore - MBFFL/YouTube, TLC

Following the death of Whitney Way Thore‘s mom, Babs, her dad Glenn has taken a seat front and center on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. However, many fans aren’t pleased with how she is treating her father on camera. Continue reading to see why viewers are disgusted with how Whitney Way Thore is acting.

Whitney Tells Her Dad He Has ‘Big Shoes To Fill’

In early September, Whitney talked with People about her dad taking a more prominent role in the show.

“I’ve always said that my mom was the star of the show. This was all just really a vehicle for her to be brought to the world,” she told People. “And now that she’s gone, I told dad, ‘You’re going to have big shoes to fill.’ And I think he actually did.”

Glenn Thore - MBFFL/YouTube, TLC

Image: YouTube/TLC

Throughout the conversation, Whitney talked about how her dad brings a new “brand of funny” to My Big Fat Fabulous Life. She also mentioned that he is no longer Glenn Thore. They rebranded him as “GT” and he’s an entirely new man, she said.

Whitney Way Thore has made some changes in her personal life as well. Typically, she has stayed away from haters on the internet, but she says she is taking a new approach now.

Rather than blocking and deleting internet bullies, Whitney has decided that she’s going to respond. According to her, it feels good to stick up for herself and she’s been having some fun with it.

From Whitney’s perspective, there have been nothing but positive changes on the show and in her life. Fans are seeing something entirely different though.

Why Fans Are Disgusted With Whitney Way Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans took to Reddit to discuss some of Whitney’s disturbing behavior recently.

The Redditor started the conversation by posing a question, “Does anyone else get this weird aggressive energy from Whitney’s remarks to her dad for father a child and putting her up for adoption?” They went on to say that it feels like the production company is exploiting this.

Glenn and Whitney Way Thore - MBFFL/YouTube, TLC

Image: YouTube/TLC

“It’s highly inappropriate in relation to Babs’ recent death,” one person commented. “It feels like a sort of macabre celebration — ‘Aha, now that she’s out of the way, we can exploit this other thing she never would have wanted aired out for all of bored America to see!'”

Another Redditor agreed saying that they doubted that the Thores would be going to meet the other family if Babs was still alive. “Exploitation exactly! It all seems so sketchy, and of course the new family is all in,” another person weighed in.

Viewers seem to agree that the situation is cringe, at best, and exploitation, at worst.

What do you think of how Whitney Way Thore and Glenn are handling these “long lost” family members? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. whitney is over the hill on her father. She is wearing him out doing and talking, in fact, she’s wearing out the show……..shut up whitney, you mean well but youre over doing it!!!!!!

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