Will Lydia Bates Not Be Deported Because Of U.S. Born Child?

Trace and Lydia Bates - YouTube - Bringing Up Bates

Will Bringing Up Bates star Trace Bates‘ wife Lydia Bates not be deported because of her U.S.-born child? The couple recently welcomed their first baby to the world, but now, Lydia and her family are facing deportation. Fans are curious to know whether her U.S.-born child will protect her from being deported. Keep reading for all of the details about how this all works.

The Romeike family is at risk of being deported.

Currently, Trace’s wife, Lydia Bates, and her family are facing deportation. They sought asylum in the U.S. 15 years ago due to not being allowed to homeschool their children while living in Germany. The Bringing Up Bates family is seeking support via social media by sharing the Romeikes’ story and asking fans to sign a petition.

But some are wondering if it’s likely that Lydia Bates will be deported because she recently gave birth to a child in the U.S.

Lydia and Trace Bates - YouTube
Lydia and Trace Bates – YouTube

Will Lydia Bates not be deported because of her U.S.-born child?

As we reported, Trace and Lydia welcomed their son, Ryker, to the world earlier this month. Some Bringing Up Bates fans were under the impression that her having a U.S.-born child would ensure she isn’t deported if the rest of her family is in the next few weeks.

In a new Reddit thread, one Bringing Up Bates fan shared an article from the American Immigration CouncilThe fan was responding to the heavy speculation about Lydia Bates’ U.S.-born child preventing her from being deported. Based on the article, it doesn’t sound like Ryker’s birth alone is enough to stop the potential deportation.

One section reads:

“From 2013 to 2018, ICE deported more than 231,000 people who reported having at least one U.S.-citizen child. In 2019, ICE deported 27,980 people with U.S.-born children.”

After reading this article, fans shared their thoughts in the comments section of the Reddit thread. One Bringing Up Bates fan pointed out that, “ICE is not the agency that particularly cares about separating parents and children.” Others agreed with this based on stories they’ve read over the years.

Another fan added, “Thousands of immigrants married to US citizens are deported every year.” So, Lydia being married to Trace may not be helpful either.

Bringing Up Bates fans are interested to see what happens with Trace and Lydia Bates. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes right now. Hopefully, fans will get an update soon.

So, what do you expect to happen with Lydia Bates and the Romeike family’s potential deportation? Did you realize that her having a U.S.-born child may not make a difference? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Trace Bates and the rest of the Bringing Up Bates family. Below, you can watch Trace’s video explaining the situation.

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