‘OutDaughtered’ Quints Rocking Wild New Hairstyles

Adam Busby with two quints

The OutDaughtered quints rocked some wild new hairstyles during an outing with Adam Busby recently.

National Daughter’s Day was a few days ago and Adam Busby of TLC’s OutDaughtered has a lot to celebrate. As fans know, Adam Busby is the proud father of six beautiful girls including Blayke, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker. Three days ago, the TLC father took to Instagram to share how he celebrated this special day with his beautiful girls.

What did they do for this special day? And, what were these wild hairstyles they rocked during this outing? Keep reading for the details.

YouTube - Adam Busby
YouTube – Adam Busby

OutDaughtered Quints Rocking Wild New Hairstyles

Adam Busby took his beautiful girls out for some sushi and fried rice in honor of National Daughter’s Day. His post included several videos and photos of the experience. In many of the photos, several of the quints rocked wild new hairstyles. The hair had fans questioning what was up with their hair. In some of the photos, their hair looked as if they had just woken up and were rocking some crazy bedhead.

In the videos, however, their hair looked completely different. So, most fans assume they just had a wild and crazy day with Daddy that resulted in some wild and untamed hairstyles.

Took these crazy little Daughters of mine out for sushi and fried rice for National Daughters Day. I’m a blessed Daddy.”

For the most part, big sister Blayke Busby was not visible in any of the photos or videos. She, however, was spotted in the last video on the Instagram post. She was sitting behind Parker and appeared to be more engaged with her phone than what was going on with her sisters and fathers. Parker, however, had a huge smile on her face as she was working to master chopsticks.


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Fans React To The Fun Update

In the comments of the post, many questioned what was going on with the Busby quints’ wild and crazy hairstyles. Adam, however, did not answer these comments. He also didn’t really explain the hair in the comments. Other fans loved seeing the OutDaughtered quints enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Busby Quints with wild hair - Instagram

Some even jested they should plan a trip to Japan. One fan even admitted they would be honored to teach the girls how to use chopsticks. Here are some of the comments from OutDaughtered fans:

  • “I’m a Japanese girl. We love you guys so so much! Please come to Japan sometime soon.”
  • “Having homemade fried rice tonight enjoy.”
  • “Aw nice pictures and video .happy national daughter’s day Blayke Ava,Olivia Hazel Riley Parker”
  • “Whats up with the hair?”
Busby Quints with wild hair - Instagram

What do you think caused their wild and untamed hairstyles? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news on the Busby quints.

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