‘BIP’ Spoilers: Brayden Bowers Seen Kissing Kat Izzo, Still Together?

Kat Izzo and Brayden Bowers via Insta

Bachelor in Paradise previews revealed that Brayden Bowers and Kat Izzo are into each other. They are seen making out on the beach. But, were they one of the lucky couples to make it work? Or did they move on to other people? Keep reading to find out more.

BIP spoilers reveal if Brayden Bowers and Kat Izzo became a couple

Reality Steve is dishing out spoilers for Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. The big premiere is Thursday night on ABC. Previews have shown that Brayden Bowers and Kat Izzo have a hot and heavy make-out session. But, do they manage to stay together and form a relationship?

Brayden shares in a confessional saying that kissing Kat Izzo was good. He said it was a 10/10. Did she feel the same? That is yet to be seen. However, they are seen making out a few times. However, as more and more contestants come to the beach, things can change instantly.

It seems like they did. Spoilers indicate that Kat moved on from Brayden and did find happiness. Did she get engaged to her chosen man? We will keep that under wraps for those who do not want to know.

Brayden Bowers via YouTube 4 1

As for Brayden, he has been rumored to have been cozying up with Rachel Recchia on the show as well. They were even seen on The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose sitting next to each other. Was this a move by producers or could they really be dating?

Just looking at Brayden’s social media gives no hints at all. If he is with someone, then he is good at keeping spoilers under wraps.

How did Brayden end up on the beach?

Parade spoke with Brayden Bowers and asked him when his invitation to the beach arrived. He said, “[BIP producers] reached out to me like a month after I was off the [Bachelorette]. I had had a little bit of a cooling off period, got to talk to a counselor and see if it was something I really wanted. I really want to be able to get to a point where I can get married to someone.” He concluded saying, “I know that everyone was kind of coming there with that intention of possibly seeing if you could have a relationship.”

Brayden Bowers and Rachel Recchia via YouTube

Brayden also revealed that Paradise is more his thing. He noted it seems like a more natural environment to find someone. He revealed he does really want to get married. As for why other methods of dating never worked for him, Brayden said being a travel nurse made it hard. He would move from place to place as a nurse and this didn’t create the best environment to form a relationship.

Don’t miss Brayden and many more Bachelor Nation favorites appearing on Bachelor in Paradise Thursday nights on ABC.

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