Why Did Fans Rip Disney+ For Lying About ‘DWTS’ Streaming?

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When Dancing with the Stars Season 23 began Tuesday, Disney+ subscribers were promised to be able to watch the premiere live. But when it came down to it, that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, much to their surprise, many subscribers were unable to access the anticipated premiere.

Fans Have Voiced Their Complaints

Several complaints arose from the Dancing with the Stars season premiere. While the lineup looked great, featuring celebrities such as Ariana Madix, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Adrian Peterson, fans still expressed some disapproval. Specifically, fans show dissatisfaction that one of the contestants and their professional dance partners were eliminated so early. Fans’ posts give a clear picture of the distaste.

On Reddit, one exclaimed, “WHY MUST THEY DO AN ELIMINATION NIGHT 1 AGAIN?!?!?!” Keeping with that sentiment, “Seriously though, they have 14 couples and 11 weeks – they could’ve waited till week 2.” Someone commented: “Ugh I hate this it feels so unfair.” Even so, the show moved forward with the elimination. Sadly, Matt Walsh and his partner Koko Iwasaki went home.

Another area of complaint was that many fans experienced technical difficulties just to watch the show. Needless to say, they let the world know.

Disney+ DWTS Streaming Debacle

Sadly, fans on the East Coast were the only ones able to access DWTS Live during the promised time. on Disney+. As you can imagine, that provoked confusion and anger within fans. Afterward, many commented on social media. In an announcement, DWTS posted, “It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the season premiere of #DWTS is starting NOW on @ABCNetwork and @DisneyPlus! Are you watching with us?”

But, the disappointing response from one person was, “I’m trying! Is it not streaming on Disney Plus?” Followed by, “It’s not coming up for me either. Was able to last season, wonder if something is glitching out for some of us,” someone else said. “Have been refreshing your Disney+ for 20 minutes to see DWTS live.” “Why is it showing a screen saying “the program will begin shortly” when the ABC broadcast is currently running just fine?! #HELP,” another commented.

A quick response pointed fingers at Disney‘s intentions, “They lied about live streaming. It’s delayed to the ABC start time.” A confused fan asked, “Why can’t we see it live on the West Coast?” And the irritation was conveyed by another, “SO ANNOYING!” Others were annoyed that this season they have commercials on Disney+. Last year, that wasn’t an issue.

What are your thoughts on the streaming issue with Disney Plus? What do you think about DWTS eliminating contestants so early in the season? Did you enjoy the season premiere? Leave us your thoughts below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill

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