‘DWTS’ Sharna Burgess Reveals Dark Past Of Smoking Meth

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Australian ballroom dancer Sharna Burgess recently opened up about her dark past involving experimenting with dangerous drugs when she was just a teenager. It was during this week’s episode of her “Old-ish” podcast that she opened up about the slipper slope she was on as a child. The Dancing With The Stars pro shares that she started dabbling in drugs when she was just 15. By the time she was 17, she was smoking meth. What else did she share about this destructive path she went down as a child? Keep reading for the details.

DWTS: Sharna Burgess Reveals Dark Past Of Smoking Meth

When the Dancing With The Stars personality was just 17, she recalled sitting in the backyard at someone’s house. A crack pipe containing meth was being passed around. Everyone was “taking hits of it.” At the time, Sharna Burgess shares that meth was still very new to her. She didn’t consider herself to be “hooked” because she did not consume it daily. Sharna, however, did party between three and four days each week.

She recalled having a moment of clarity as she looked around at the people she was smoking meth with.

Here I was, 17 years old, high awake for three days, watching 20-somethings and maybe even young 30-somethings passing around this crack pipe just waiting to get a little bit more out of it. I realized that I had come from being an Australian champion ballroom dancer, I represented my country at the World Championships, I was an athlete, the best in the country at the time. And because of a knee injury, I fell off.”

Sharna Burgess recalls that in that moment she realized this was not who she wanted to be. And, it was not the future she wanted to have. So, she proceeded to battle with substance abuse for several years.

She Recalled A Terrifying Moment At A Rave

The DWTS pro opened up about one of the most terrifying moments in her life. She was at a rave when she became dehydrated. She had consumed too many drugs. It resulted in her “frothing and foaming” at the mouth. Sharna Burgess admits that hitting rock bottom with moments that made her realize she could have died really assisted her in “sobering up very quickly.” 

Unfortunately, this terrifying moment was not the point in her life where she made a change for the better. Triggered by her uncomfortable home life and her relationship with her father, she continued to use drugs to escape her reality.

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Sharna continued to share: “And eventually, the things I would take to get to that place of euphoria weren’t strong enough or enough, and I do more and have more and more often. And that was the slippery slope for me.”

If it weren’t for her career as a professional dancer, Sharna Burgess fears she never would have left drug use in the past.

Did you know Sharna Burgess struggled with drug use when she was a teenager? Why do you think she decided to share these stories with her podcast listeners now? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news.

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