Will Zach Roloff Be At Pumpkin Season 2023?

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Can Little People, Big World fans expect Zach Roloff, his wife Tori, and their beautiful children to make an appearance at Pumpkin Season 2023? For years, Zach and Tori have always done what they can to help out during Pumpkin Season. Unfortunately, things took a bit nosedive when they couldn’t come to an agreement on Zach’s family buying a chunk of the property. So, they moved away and haven’t had much to do with the property since.

Zach Roloff was specifically a big help with the private tours given during Pumpkin Season each year. Fans, however, learned Zach would NOT be doing tours this season. In fact, Matt announced on social media that private tours were being axed from Pumpkin Season completely.

Amy Roloff has been very vocal in the comments on Roloff Farms Instagram to make it known that she and Chris will spend some time at Roloff Farms during Pumpkin Season this year. Likewise, fans assume there is a chance they can see Isabel and Jacob even though they aren’t on the show anymore. Jacob Roloff currently works on the farm with his father. Moreover, Jacob was tagged in his father’s update this week. Noticeably, neither Zach nor his wife Tori were tagged in this post.

Jackson Roloff - Tori Roloff - Jackson Roloff - Instagram
Jackson Roloff – Tori Roloff – Jackson Roloff – Instagram

Will Zach Roloff Be At Pumpkin Season 2023?

Unfortunately, Tori and Zach Roloff made it pretty clear on the show they would likely not return to Roloff Farms for Pumpkin Season anymore. This was true even as a guest. On the show, the couple did bring their kids and make an appearance after the farm deal fell through. The exchange, however, felt awkward and forced. Tori Roloff made it known to her husband that she didn’t want to go through it again.

Moreover, Zach and Tori don’t exactly live as close to Roloff Farms as they used to. So, there are likely other properties closer to their home they could go to enjoy Pumpkin Season somewhere else without the awkward meeting with Matt and Caryn.


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Tori and Zach admitted on the show the situation would be hardest on Jackson. Jackson has been going to Roloff Farms for Pumpkin Season for years. For Lilah and Josiah, not going wouldn’t really make a difference to them.

Some Little People, Big World fans criticized Zach and Tori for taking Jackson away from Matt and Caryn. Other fans, however, point out that fans just don’t know the whole story. And, perhaps, the couple is doing what they think is best and safest for their son.

Unfortunately, social media activity from the family does nothing to make fans think Zach Roloff, his wife, or their children will be at Roloff Farms for Pumpkin Season 2023. Fans, however, will still get to see Matt, Amy, Caryn, Chris, and maybe even Jacob and Isabel.


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How do you feel knowing Zach Roloff likely won’t have anything to do with Pumpkin Season 2023? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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  1. WHY would you want to be at a farm that was in the family for ever and then being told no your got to pay full dollar for it and I still want the right to give orders what you can and can’t do . come on now nobody would like that bet your charchar’s son is worming his way into it like mum like son

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