WGA Strike Ending: When Will Your Favorite Shows Return?

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After going on strike five months ago, the WGA has finally come to a tentative agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). This means once the agreement is written up, the strike will likely finally end.

Here is what this means and when your favorite shows could return.

Has the WGA strike actually ended?

The WGA strike is still ongoing, but it is almost ready to end. The agreement is tentative, and both sides said that they have come to an agreement on terms. The main sticking points were the use of AI in writing and the writers’ room numbers. It seems that the sides have agreed to a deal, and now it goes on to a ratification stage.

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The WGA said the strike is still ongoing until the contracts are written up. After that, they will send the new terms to the WGA East and WGA West for members to vote. If that happens, the strike will finally end. For now, the WGA has asked its members to stop picketing and prepare for a return to work.

However, it might not matter in Hollywood right now. For one thing, the SAG-AFTRA strike is still ongoing. The AMPTP asked if the writers could come back and start working. When it comes to talk shows and late-night television, that can start immediately. However, for other work, the WGA has asked to remain out of work in solidarity with the actors’ strike.

When will shows and movies start up again?

As mentioned, talk shows can come back immediately. This means shows like the late-night television with Jimmy Fallon can start releasing new shows as soon as the writers are back. With that said, they still won’t be allowed to have actors on the show, as that is not allowed while they are on strike.

The WGA strike ending means that the screenwriters can start working on TV and movie scripts and rewrites once again. However, nothing can start filming again until the actors are back.

At least one studio head said that they didn’t mind starving out the writers, but that wasn’t really possible for the actors. Bringing back the writers first was a nice sign.

According to¬†Deadline, some huge names showed up for the latest meeting between the writers and studios. This included Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, Disney’s Bob Iger, Universal’s Donna Langley, and Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav.

For now, the process of ratification of the new deal will take about two weeks to get all the voting done. After that, things should start rolling. While the actors haven’t started negotiations, this should open up that road, and shows could be ready to start filming again to hopefully have a January start date for many primetime shows.

Are you happy to see the WGA strike finally result in the fair contracts they deserve to move Hollywood back to a possible relaunch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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