Isaac Plath Reveals Breaking Free From Addiction

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Welcome to Plathville star, Isaac Plath delivered some amazing news and on the weekend, he claimed he had addictions. Wait! What?? The young man from a strictly religious family dealt what those sorts of issues, huh? Then again, his mom, Kim did talk about alcohol in her youth and she recently endured an arrest for DUI in Florida. Read on to find out more about the former farm boy’s confession.

Isaac Plath And Moriah Have Something In Common

As far as we know, Moriah isn’t addicted to anything, unless you count style and fashion. However, she and her younger brother do have some things in common. Both of them are single at the moment, and both of them have deep passions. In the case of Isaac, it’s all about planes. In fact, he entertains his social media followers with a lot of posts about flying. Do you know that his mom’s new boyfriend, Ken Palmer is his flying instructor?

Isaac Plath and his sister also share another thing in common. Both of them decided to get closer to Jesus. Moriah asked her father to baptize her. Outside of the Christian faith, that might seem very strange. However, it’s not uncommon for some churches to have adult baptism. For those who follow the faith, it’s a cause of celebration because the ritual washes away all the sins of the past. Did you know that Isaac also got his dad to baptize him?

Isaac Plath Gets Baptized And Talks About His Addictions

On Sunday, Barry’s son revealed that all is well with his conscience. In a series of photos, Welcome To Pathville fans saw that his father baptized him in a pool. Actually, that seemed a lot less dramatic than Moriah getting dunked in a large pond. Obviously, he talked about the love of Jesus but he also mentioned his “addictions.”  Hopefully, one of his addictions wasn’t what his parents feared the most when he started hanging with Micah: p0rn!

TLC Welcome To Plathville Isaac Plath Reveals Breaking Free From Addiction Instagram
Isaac Plath Reveals Breaking Free From Addiction – Instagram

Isaac Plath didn’t list his addictions, but it’s hardly likely he was into opioids or excessive alcohol because of his flying career. Perhaps he became addicted to sodas, which might tickle the humor of TLC fans. Anyway, he said in his very long and serious caption, “I accepted [Jesus] as my personal Lord and savior! God changed my heart and gave me new desires. I was able to quit all my addictions as I was struggling with it before!”

Encouraging Others

Isaac Plath also said in his caption:

I strongly encourage those of you who are thinking about giving your lives to Christ to take the step of faith and put your trust in God! It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life 🙏.”

Are you surprised to discover that Barry and Kim’s son talked about struggling with addictions? Are you happy to hear that he gave his life to The Lord? Shout out in the comments section below and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Welcome to Plathville news.

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