Why Isn’t ‘Dancing With The Stars’ On Tonight, Monday September 25?

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Monday night is normally when Dancing With The Stars airs and fans are going to turn on their television. Tonight on ABC or Disney+ you won’t be able to catch the DWTS premiere, though. Why isn’t it airing tonight? Well keep reading to find out the details about Dancing With The Stars for Season 32.

Why Isn’t Dancing With The Stars On Tonight?

This season of Dancing With The Stars isn’t airing on Monday nights. Instead, it is airing on Tuesday nights each week. Monday nights on ABC are already reserved for Monday night football and they wanted to keep it there. So instead, they are airing DWTS on Tuesday nights. You will just have to remember that it is on a different night each week, but you will still get a new two-hour episode every week.

Who Is Dancing This Season?

It is Season 32 of Dancing With The Stars. If you haven’t seen the cast yet, then you are in the right place. Here is your cast for DWTS Season 32.

Matt Walsh did pull out because of the writer’s strike. There is some speculation that he may come back or they may replace him. Right now, there hasn’t been any confirmation about what they will end up doing. Fans are curious to see what ends up happening with him in the end. You probably won’t find out until the big premiere episode tomorrow night.

Are you excited for the big DWTS premiere on Tuesday night on ABC and Disney+? Check out new episodes each week at 7 p.m. CST airing on both. It will also air the next day on Hulu. Every week it will air on Tuesday and then be on Hulu on Wednesday.

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