Scheana Shay, Brock Davies & Tom Sandoval Caught Red-Handed

Scheana Shay - Tom Sandoval - Brock Davies

Tom Sandoval lost his friendship with Scheana Shay after he cheated on Ariana Madix, and Brock Davies thought the whole dynamic had changed for the worse. And yet, the Vanderpump Rules stars seem to be besties now as they were spotted out together in Las Vegas, Nevada recently. However, is it what it seems to be? Read on to find out what Bravo fans think.

VPR Scheanna Shay Was Reluctant To Diss Tom Sandoval

Brock’s wife did diss Ariana’s ex, but only after she explained that she really found it hard to hate him. After all, he was kind to her when she first arrived on the show. Bear in mind, they knew each other before, when she worked with him at Villa Blanca. So, she found it hard to sit in the middle of two friends, when “Scandoval” broke. The furthest she would go was to say that she couldn’t be his friend anymore. However, VPR fans didn’t think that would last.

Scheana Shay-YouTube
Scheana Shay-YouTube

While Brock predicted none of the cast would film again, they did. Tom Sandoval arrived for the filming of Season 11, and Scheana got really upset. She called her ex-bestie “sick” when she discovered that he hadn’t cheated on Ariana with only Rachel Leviss. And she has no love for Rachel, who she once suspected might have made a move on Brock. The ugly affair did impact the entire cast but have Brock and Scheanna become besties with the musician again?

Tom Sandoval Can’t  Be A Friend & Is Sick?

Recently, all three Vanderpump Rules stars shared videos and photos of themselves in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were spotted at The Life Is Beautiful Festival. Tom shared a video of himself with them and @vanderpumpruleesparty shared an Instagram story about someone seeing them there as well. Apparently, they “were all together.” A comment said that it was “totally obvious” and “they weren’t hiding it.”

VPR Brock, Scheana And Tom Sandoval Are Besties
VPR Brock, Scheana, and Tom Sandoval are besties again – Instagram Stories / Reddit

The sighting of Tom Sandoval, Scheana Shay, and Brock Davies soon made its way to Reddit. There, VPR fans blasted them. U/ttaylor5814 wrote, “Sandoval got into a limo and panned over to Brock who said “hey buddy” and cheers him? These clowns 😂😂. Earlier that night, he was at the festival with Scheana…Guess they all went together #forlisa!”

A fellow member of the community opined, “Scheaner is just gross. She has no genuine loyalty to anyone. There is nothing genuine about her. 🙌🏻🤮.”

Is It What It Looks Like?

Among the many comments about Tom Sandoval, Brock, and Scheanna, someone added an interesting observation. They wrote, “It was known that the specific poster cut out the rest of the photo to make it look like Scheana & Brock were the only ones with him but the full picture shows the entire cast, & they were working.”

However, when questioned, it turned out that they probably referred to when they filmed for Season 11. So for now, it seems that the three Bravo stars are friends again.

Do you always think that Scheana Shay and Tom Sandoval would reconnect and remain besties? What about Brock? Do you think the whole cast went out in Las Vegas Vegas, or was it just the three people looking like besties? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and come back to TV Shows Ace for all your Vanderpump Rules news.

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