Tyler Cameron Might Not Find The Perfect Partner, Why?

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Tyler Cameron bounced out of The Bachelorette and he hooked up with Gigi Hadid but she wasn’t the perfect partner for him, and now he thinks he might struggle to find the love of his dreams. The eye candy model and contractor got around since Hannah Brown opted for Jed Wyatt and Chris Harrison unsuccessfully shipped a second chance with the girl from Alabama.

Tyler Cameron Dated The Wrong People For Years

Occasionally, Hannah and her rejected second-placed contestant hooked up but they never took it to a romantic level. In fact, she moved on with Adam Woolard. Meanwhile, he went through Paige Lorenze, Kristin Cavallari, Camila Kendra, and others. He always seemed to dangle someone with glitz on his arm. Suave, handsome, and ripped, fans couldn’t understand why things never worked out for him. Actually, his thirst trap photos and videos on social media got plenty of everyday people drooling over him.

Tyler Cameron recently admitted to Nick Viall, on The Viall Files podcast, that he’d been looking in the wrong place for love. Explaining his “small town” background, he said that he aimed for “models [and] actresses.” In fact, at first, that made sense because he was a model and it’s possible he might have found a meeting of minds with one. Instead, he talked about finding a woman who cared about everything he didn’t. And yet this revelation almost described him when he first hit the Big Apple.

Tyler Cameron Might Not Find The Perfect Partner?

These days, The Bachelorette alum isn’t into “money, fame…a private jet, boats,” and that sort of thing. Really? Anyone who followed his antics on social media would have thought otherwise. However, it seems that he had an epiphany. All he wants now is to be a dad living in a house with a wife who hankers for the same sort of life. Coaching the kids at football and family fun has overtaken the shallow world of glitz and glamor.

Bachelorette Tyler Cameron Might Not Find The Perfect Partner why Nic Viall Instagram
Bachelorette Tyler Cameron On The Perfect Partner – Nic Viall – Instagram

Tyler Cameron seems a bit uncertain that he might ever find someone who can put aside the dreams of money and fame. He said to Nic, “I don’t think a lot of people can fit into that.” There has been a lot of talk about him talking with execs about being the lead in The Bachelor. However, that hasn’t happened yet. And even if it does, it seems unlikely that he’ll find a small-town girl who doesn’t have bigger ambitions, just like he did after Hannah Brown.

Bachelor Nation Fans React

Tyler Cameron makes a lot of sense to those people who saw the preview post that Nic posted on Instagram. One of them commented:

I totally understand where he’s coming from though. Yes we determine how we show up for ourselves and how we respond to things but your partner or anyone you have a relationship with, friends included, should add some value to your life and elevate you.”

Of course, others put their hands up to step in and provide just what the eye candy alum wants in a perfect partner.

What do you think about Tyler doing an about-turn on what he looks for with a partner? Do you think that Hannah Brown might have given him what he really needed under all the glitz? Do you hope that he finally finds real love? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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