Ryan Seacrest Breaks Silence About ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Job

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In 2024, Ryan Seacrest takes over the hosting duties on Wheel of Fortune and he has opened up about his new job. Pat Sajak will step down and retire after the upcoming season. This led the long-time American Idol host to step into some big shoes.

Here is what Seacrest said about taking over the Wheel of Fortune hosting duties.

Ryan Seacrest talks Wheel of Fortune

Pat Sajak will retire from Wheel of Fortune following the upcoming season after hosting the show since 1981. Taking his place is Ryan Seacrest. This is a big move since almost everyone knows who Seacrest is, and Wheel of Fortune has to hope the show doesn’t skip a beat. Seacrest has been the host of American Idol since its start. He also hosts a radio show and was a morning talk show host with Kelly Ripa.

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Seacrest is ready for the move too. He said in a recent interview what fans should expect when he takes over the hosting duties from Pat Sajak. “With this game show, it’s such a success and has been for generations,” Seacrest said (via People). “You don’t mess with it, just don’t mess with it. Just get out of the way, say ‘Good evening’ and let’s play.”

Seacrest also said he is very excited to join the show, saying the adrenaline is rushing through his body. He said he has been a fan of the show and grew up watching it. In the end, he said he was excited to take over for the “legendary” Pat Sajak.

The past makes Ryan Seacrest’s future look good

The truth is that the history of televised game shows proves that Ryan Seacrest has a great chance to succeed in the role that Pat Sajak held down since 1981. While there are many Wheel of Fortune fans who don’t think anyone will be able to replace Sajak in the hosting job, other game shows have fans who felt the same when their hosts left.

Bob Barker might be the most popular game show host in history. He worked as the host of The Price is Right for 35 years (1972-2007). However, after he retired, comedian Drew Carey took over the job and never missed a beat. Carey has been with the show for 16 years and counting. The Family Feud is another example. Richard Dawson was the host for nine years and since then the show has brought in new hosts four times, with Steve Harvey taking the show to new heights starting in 2010.

On The Price is Right, the show brought in a major comedian name and he carried on without any loss of quality. The Family Feud brought in beloved actor Steve Harvey who pushed it on. Wheel of Fortune is doing something similar, bringing in a beloved reality TV star who has also worked as a talk show host.

Are you excited about Ryan Seacrest taking over as the Wheel of Fortune host? Will he be able to fill in nicely for Pat Sajak? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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