‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Is Back Filming Season 9?

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Dance Moms has been off the air for years now and all sorts of drama has emerged in Abby Lee Miller’s life since then. However, in a new Instagram post, it looks like Abby is back to filming. So, what is she up to this time and could it be Dance Moms Season 9? Keep reading to find out what we know so far.

Abby Lee Miller filming Dance Moms?

Abby Lee Miller is back to filming which has Dance Moms fans wondering one thing. Could Dance Moms be returning for Season 9? Originally, the show ended in 2019. But now, it seems Abby could be teasing a comeback.

The dance teacher icon shared a photo of herself on her Instagram. In the post, she’s all glammed up including fake eyelashes and bright lipstick. Even her hair is blown out. In the caption, she reveals she was up all night filming for something.

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“Why the snarly sourpuss look and half smile w/ heavy eyelids on my very own Birthday?” she starts the post. Because it was 4AM and I was still shooting!!! I Haven’t pulled an all-nighter in a long time! I guess I’m still young enough to stay awake! Lol!” she writes in the caption.

However, that’s not the part of the caption that’s raising eyebrows. Instead, it’s her hashtags. Abby included several hashtags, the last two being “#dancemoms” and “#season9.” So, does this mean there could be a new season of the hit show returning?

If there is, it doesn’t seem likely it would include any of the former cast. In fact, Abby has a strained relationship with many of her former students.


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How are her relationships from the original show?

Of course, after Dance Moms ended, all sorts of drama was revealed and Maddie Ziegler, Abby’s former star student even came out to say that the show with Abby was toxic. So, did the two ever rekindle? The answer there is a resounding no. And, it seems that they may never rekindle what they once had. However, Abby has recently said that it isn’t all Maddie’s fault.

On a podcast, Abby revealed that it’s actually Maddie’s little sister, Mackenzie, that potentially destroyed the relationship between the dance star and the teacher. Apparently, Abby was supposed to get money from Mackenzie’s music that she still has yet to get.

“A song that went to No. 1 in three countries on iTunes, ‘It’s a Girl Party.’ I produced it. I bought the song. I did everything for that child. Mack Z was my creation,” Abby revealed. “The video itself was $27,000 and I got my $27,000 back immediately because the video went to No. 1 too, but I’ve never seen one penny from the music,” she says.

Now, Abby says she will always struggle to separate Maddie from her mother and her sister. However, there is one way they could come back together. That would involve Maddie reaching out to Abby first.

“I can’t really separate Maddie from her sister and her mother, and there is some … I don’t want to use the term ‘bad blood,’ but there are some devastating things there.”

Do you think a new season of Dance Moms is coming? Let us know in the comments.

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