‘SW:’ Meri Brown Fears Telling Kody & Robyn Her Truth

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In an exclusive sneak preview of TLC’s Sister Wives, Meri Brown admits she fears telling Kody and Robyn her truth. What is it that she has to share with them and why is she afraid to share it? Keep reading for the details!

SW: Meri Brown Fears Telling Kody & Robyn Her Truth

In an exclusive preview published on ET, Meri Brown reveals she has made a decision. She decided to move her clothing business to her B&B. She explained the decision just makes sense logically. Meri will be more available to her B&B. And, she won’t have to split herself between her two businesses.

Likewise, moving her clothing business to the B&B also has the added bonus of getting her friend, Jen, to help with that aspect of her business ventures as well. Jen, who also made an appearance in the sneak preview, admitted she would be more than happy to help Meri with her clothing business too.

Meri Brown explained the real issue she’s having is finding a way to tell Robyn and Kody what she decided. She worries Robyn is just going to be hurt by her decision. She, however, also worries this decision will send the wrong message to Kody. Meri Brown suspects Kody will see this as Meri trying to tell him she wants out of the relationship. And, Kody who has wanted Meri gone for a while, will be completely supportive because of it.

Meri Brown - Robyn Brown Yioutube
Meri Brown – Robyn Brown YouTube

At this point in time, Meri is NOT ready to give up on her marriage with Kody. So, she does not want making this decision to send the wrong message to him. So, she fears telling them about it because she needs to find the right way to explain it to them.

She’s No Longer With Him In Real Life

Now, as fans know, there is a bit of a time gap between reality and the series. And, all of these fears end up being for nothing as Meri and Kody Brown are no longer together. In the present day, Robyn Brown is the only wife Kody has left. It is unclear if Meri was able to maintain a friendship with Kody and Robyn. Or, if she also cut her losses and walked away like everyone else did.

Sister Wives fans, however, suspect Meri Brown is likely still not over Kody. And, they believe she would go back to him if he said he wanted to get back together.

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Meri Brown Youtube

Do you understand why Meri Brown is afraid to get candid with Kody and Robyn? How do you feel knowing she still had hope her relationship with Kody would work itself out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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  1. He suggested for her to move to the B&B so I wouldn’t be scared to tell him. I would say to him that he wanted me to move there.

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