Did Savannah Chrisley’s Company Shut Down?

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Savannah Chrisley and her brother Chase both became involved in their own businesses but now Chrisley Knows Best fans suspect that one company was shut down. Interestingly, the website still remains active, so is it just a rumor? Or was it really closed? Read on to find out more.

Savannah Chrisley & Chase Got Some Business Qualifications

A lot of critics slap at Chase because they think he never really learned about working hard. However, he set up his candle business. Mind you, at the moment it seems that he’s not pushing sales much. Plus, you might be unaware that he actually qualified to sell houses. So, he sometimes posts about real estate deals on his Instagram. Meanwhile, his sister also qualified in real estate and obtained hers and it’s still valid.

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Savannah Chrisley launched her Sassy by Savannah makeup business about three years ago and as of September 19, 2023, it was still active on the company’s Instagram page. However, she also started another company. In February, we confirmed that Chase worked with his sister in her company called “Chrisley and Co.”  But now, people think that the former Chrisley Knows Best star might have closed it down.

Savannah Chrisley Shut Down Her Real Estate  Company?

This week on Reddit, some facts about the state of the company were retrieved and then shared by u/Beginning-Average416. As you can see in the image below, the company was incorporated in 2021 and it now reveals that it was dissolved in August this year. That doesn’t explain why the website is still up. However, one commenter discovered that “Their first listed “exclusive listing” is pending sale with another agent at another brokerage.”

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Savannah Chrisley was also involved as an agent with another real estate company named “New Beginnings Properties LLC.” Another user noted that it also closed in August and is now inactive. They wrote, “This one was dissolved around the same time as well. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say Todd’s and Julie’s moving money through the two real estate companies were red flags and they plan on starting fresh as a plot device for the new tv show.”

Closed Or Not Closed?

While it sounds like Savannah Chrisley has ditched her company, that might not be true. Another follower checked it out and said, “[From] the History tab near the bottom it looks like they filed for reinstatement today.” However, they noted that “New Beginnings is still dissolved…” It does show it is listed with an active status.  One member is listed under ownership. So for now, it seems that the business will continue.

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