‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ Season 2 Premiere Date Canceled

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The Season 2 Premiere of The Jennifer Hudson Show was scheduled to air today. And, fans of the singer, actress, and talk show host who are flipping on their TVs to catch the new episode are going to be hit with disappointment today. Where is the new episode of her talk show? Why isn’t the Season 2 Premiere of The Jennifer Hudson Show airing today?

Turns out, the Season 2 Premiere of the talk show has been canceled. This news, however, doesn’t come as a total shock to everyone. In fact, many fans of Jennifer Hudson are actually believing a sigh of relief over this news. Why? Well, because now she isn’t going to be crucified for being a “scab” amid the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

The Jennifer Hudson Show Season 2 Premiere Date Canceled

Per The Variety, The Jennifer Hudson Show like The Talk watched as Drew Barrymore was crucified for her controversial decision to bring her talk show back amid the strike. Initially, Drew Barrymore doubled down on her decision. She issued an apology before explaining she had to bring the show back for the sake of people’s jobs. The Internet told Drew where to shove her apology and continued to crucify her on social media. Seeing no other option, she announced she decided to listen to everyone. And, her show would not premiere a new season today.

Not interested in feeling that same heat, The Talk announced the decision to pull the plug on their new season yesterday. The Jennifer Hudson Show has also decided to hold off on premiering a new season.

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Presently, it appears as if Sherri Shepherd’s talk show is the only one still on the schedule to return today. Sherri has posted about the return of her talk show recently on social media. And, she has not received much backlash in the comments. In fact, her followers seem to be thrilled about her return. Presently, all eyes are on Sherri as fans wait to see if she will join all other talk shows in pulling the plug until the strike ends.

No Return Date In Sight

Unfortunately, news of The Jennifer Hudson Show pulling the plug on Season 2 didn’t give much information. For example, the news did not include an estimated new date for the show’s return. Fans, however, can be relatively sure none of these talk shows will return until the strikes end.

For now, fans of these daytime talk shows will have to settle for reruns until the strikes come to an end. Are you bummed The Jennifer Hudson Show isn’t airing a new episode today? Or, do you think the right decision was made? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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