‘My 600-lb Life’: Diana Bunch’s Shocking Life Update

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My 600-lb Life Season 5 alum Diana Bunch had one of the most challenging storylines in the franchise. Aside from her weight loss struggles, she also had multiple illnesses. She sought Dr. Now’s help at 601 and was struggling with pain in her body. She had lymphedema, making her movements more difficult. However, the Washington native did not give up and is now thriving in life. Keep reading to see what she’s up to today.

My 600-lb Life: Diana Bunch’s Dramatic Weight Loss

Diana had a lot of health problems due to her unhealthy weight. One of them is having multiple open spores. She also dealt with mental difficulties due to her difficult childhood. She was molested as a child and used food as a way to cope with the trauma. Fortunately, the My 600-lb Life alum turned her life around when she met Dr. Now. She even moved to Texas to stay closer to her surgeon and later qualified for bariatric surgery after losing enough weight. She shed 260 pounds within 12 pounds.

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She had a return episode on TLC where she revealed losing 425 lbs. She received a lot of positive comments from the fans due to her dedication. She also had her excess skin removed, got her lymphedema detached, and later had knee surgery.

Diana Continues To Shock Fans

Diana Bunch hasn’t been active on social media for quite some time. But some of the photos she left online show how unrecognizable she has become. She also had a tradition on her Twitter account where she shared positive messages every Tuesday. In one of her posts, she thanked her friends, family, and Dr Now for helping her drop massive pounds. She is also looking more glowing with her short brown hair.

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Photo Credit: @bunchlb Twitter

My 600-lb Life: Diana Bunch Thankful For Her Reality TV Appearance

My 600-lb Life has featured tons of incredible weight loss stories, and Diana’s journey has been considered one of the best. She also uses it to encourage other people to start focusing on their health. In a Twitter post, the My 600-lb alum said that she has nothing but good things to say about why she joined the show. “If my story encourages just one of you to take whatever steps work for you to improve your health, it is so worth it,” she added.

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Photo Credit: @bunchlb Twitter

Diana Bunch remains discreet about what she’s been up to after her successful weight loss. However, her storyline during the show revealed that she was able to fly back home and reunite with her father.

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