Todd Chrisley Married His Mama, Nanny Faye’s, Twin?

Did Todd Chrisley marry his mama, Nanny Faye’s, twin? Some Chrisley Knows Best fans certainly feel that way after seeing a shocking photo pop up on Reddit. What photo was it exactly? Scroll down and keep reading for the details.

Men Often Marry Their Mothers?

According to The Daily Mail, it is an extremely common belief that men often marry their mothers. In fact, research suggests roughly 66 percent of men who get married will marry a woman similar to their mother. Typically, the 1/3 of men who don’t marry someone similar to their mother is because they don’t have a good relationship with their mother.

Julie, Emmy Medders & Chase Chrisley [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]
This belief held true for Chrisley Knows Best fans when Chase Chrisley was in a relationship with Emmy Medders. Fans absolutely adored her and they claimed she reminded them of Julie Chrisley. Many argued she even looked a bit like a youthful Julie Chrisley. Some agreed it was that similarity between Emmy and Julie that made her such a comfort to Chase.

Turns out, Todd Chrisley also found comfort in someone similar to his mother, Nanny Faye.

Shocking Photo Of Todd Chrisley’s First Wife, Nanny Faye’s Twin?

As fans know, Julie Chrisley was not Todd’s first wife. He was previously married to a woman named Teresa Terry. Teresa and Todd were married for seven years. They had two children together: Kyle and Lindsie.

In a recent thread on Reddit, fans shared a photo of Todd’s first wife. They put the photo right next to Nanny Faye. And, they jested that Todd Chrisley very much married the twin of his mother. Check out a screenshot of the Reddit thread below:

Todd Chrisley Mother and First Wife - Reddit Screenshot

The thread accumulated 50 comments and nearly 300 upvotes from fans who agreed there was a similarity between the two. Some Chrisley Knows Best fans pointed out that Lindsie Chrisley was also identical to both her biological mother and her grandmother, Nanny Faye.

One fan penned: “I have never seen her before, she really does look like Faye. Would love to see a picture of them together at the time her and Todd were married, she and Faye must have looked like mother and daughter.”

“Chase was going out with a girl that looked exactly like her mom,” Another chimed in.

A third added: “Yes! She looks like Nanny and Lindsie is her twin if you take away all the Botox and filler crap.”

“So Todd dated and married a woman who looked like his mom, Chase dated Emmy who looks like his mom Emmy was smart and got away too,” a fourth agreed.

Lindsie Chrisley [E! News | YouTube]

Botox Confused Fans

For the most part, fans were in agreement that Todd Chrisley’s first wife, his mother, and Lindsie were identical in their youth. They, however, added that all the botox and filler over the years made it difficult to see the resemblance today. Some fans jokingly admitted they thought it was a photo of Nanny Faye until they read the caption.

Do you agree Todd Chrisley’s first wife and Nanny Faye are identical? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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