Eric Braeden Says He’s ‘In Fighting Shape’ After His Cancer Battle

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During the past year, Eric Braeden has shown his true colors. Though life has thrown him terrible circumstances, the man has risen to the challenges, over and over. The Young and The Restless actor is proving to be unstoppable! While he is eager to get back to his daily norms, he has made many shifts to make that a possibility.

Facing The Unimaginable

When he first noticed a problem, Eric Braeden says he experienced an “inordinate amount of peeing at night.”  Following this, he went to the doctor and underwent a procedure to reduce the volume of the prostate. Seemingly, it would treat the frequent urination problem. Admittedly, there was some improvement, but then it became an issue again. “It worked for a while, and then it started again. Obviously, the prostate had regrown and was again doing its impingement work on the urethra,” Braeden said.

Eric Braeden Seeks A Second Opinion

Later, he was misdiagnosed by a doctor, saying there was nothing to be concerned about. But the problem persisted and four months later Eric Braeden was unable to urinate anymore. He recalls this moment being very scary. During a second opinion, the doctor took a closer look inside his bladder and found cancer. Then, yet another procedure was required to remove the cancer.

Afterward, a biopsy uncovered high-grade, aggressive type of cancer cells. At this point, Eric Braeden had to have immunotherapy treatments for six weeks. Remarkably, he maintained a positive attitude and demonstrated strength throughout the treatment. Notably, he said it was the worst on days of treatment, but manageable otherwise.

Last month, Eric Braeden announced he was cancer-free. “But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be vigilant,” Braeden said.  Naturally, his team advised that he proceed with three more doses of immunotherapy.


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Eric Braeden Says He’s In Fighting Shape!

While Eric Braeden has stayed consistently busy during the treatment, he’s ready to get back to his “regularly scheduled program.” The fiesty actor doesn’t back down, not even to cancer! “I already am (in fighting shape). I’ve already kind of forgotten about it,” the star of The Young and the Restless, updated on the phone. When asked about retirement, he said, “Hell No!” “I love my work. I still am challenged by making it as real as I can,” he relayed.

Even during treatment, Eric Braeden kept up with his workout routine. Of course, he made slight modifications as needed. Reportedly, he still walks, runs, and lifts weights frequently. Undoubtedly, it has been a challenging road, but Eric Braeden is full of spirit! Genuinely, he is eager to tell about his journey because he knows prostate problems can be a tough topic for many men. Emphatically, he said, “There certainly shouldn’t be any (stigma)” associated with talking about your health.


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Eric Braeden Urges Fans To Take Care Of Themselves

Fortunately, Eric Braeden has prioritized physical activity. He believes it’s crucial as you get older. “You can make your muscles stronger to the very end of your life,” he encourages. Eric Braeden recommends everyone should participate in physical activity daily. Furthermore, he stresses that it doesn’t have to be an extreme workout. “Sports have made me who I am. … From early on you learn to overcome obstacles,” he recalls. He wants to use his platform to empower people to ready themselves for the unknowns. Urging fans to take care of themselves and prepare for any fight they may have to face.

What do you think about Eric Braeden’s mentality? Do you think his fighting spirit will get him back on screens soon? Leave some encouragement below and cheer him on through this journey.

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