‘Teen Mom’ Tyler Baltierra Controlled By Wife, Calling Shots?

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Is Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra controlled by his wife, Catelynn Lowell with her calling all of the shots? He has seemingly always had to be her rock as she dealt with her mental health struggles. Yet, she was there for him while his family had their own issues that were hard to handle. Now it seems that Catelynn is the one who is taking over the family but is that a good thing? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Tyler Baltierra Controlled By Wife, Calling Shots?

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have been together since they were teenagers. They went through giving up their firstborn for adoption. Then, they had their own ups and downs before trying to settle down. Tyler and Cate welcomed three more daughters while getting married in the process. Fans got to follow their journey from 16 & Pregnant to Teen Mom which has had a lot of highs and a lot of lows. Recently, Tyler shared that it was Catelynn who encouraged him to join OnlyFans. More so, she approves the photos that are posted. He sends them to her, they are not extremely scandalous and that is how it is decided what goes up.

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Tyler Baltierra told the Daily Mail that Catelynn was the boss and she referred to herself as a “wife-ager.” Now, according to @tm_chatter, Catelynn is once again heavily promoting her husband. However, this time it is a completely different endeavor. He is releasing his first single called “Anybody.” It will be out on September 6th and Catelynn made sure that her followers and fans knew about the song. As Tyler explained, this song came from his using writing as a therapy to release his pain and all that he was going through.


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Unfortunately, fans were not that happy with what they heard and were not shy about expressing their feelings. “Teen mom has these people thinking they can do ANYTHING. Music, clothing lines, baby food 😅,” one person noted. Another added: ‘I’m sorry but why does everything he does give me the ick? Immediately no.” Of course, on his own page, everyone was overly encouraging.

Is This A Good Idea?

One fan pointed out that the cast needs to get real jobs. It seems that some of the alums have successful careers but no one really knows what Tyler Baltierra does. Catelynn Lowell’s brother, Nick insinuated that the couple was so far in debt that they had to borrow from their own children. Of course, they disputed this. It seems that Catelynn will push Tyler to follow his dreams whether it is showing off how hard he worked on his body or singing. Hopefully, he will find success in one of these careers.

Do you think Tyler has a future as a singer? More so, do you think Catelynn is the boss of the house? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’m sorry Tyler, but you need to seriously get over yourself. Yes, you were diddled, however it was by your sisters most likely hot frisnt when you were 12 years old? Do you know what I was dieing to do when I was 12? Yeah…. Exactly that so again I’m no trying to be an a-hole but you need to get past this “trauma” bs like oh no that was SOOOOO much to deal with…. Oh please I think when I prayed I may have prayed then for a girl to abuse me dry…. I’m sorry but you should stop “singing” immediately…. I do like you but you’re kinda a little cissy girl and again please get over getting past 2nd base when you were 12 like you DIDN’T want it? Okay!

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