‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Hospitalized

The Little Couple - Jen Arnold Instagram

The Little Couple star Will Klein has been hospitalized, according to his mom, Jen Arnold. She shared a new photo as she took her son to Boston Children’s Hospital, which is also where she works. What landed Will in the hospital? Is he going to be okay? Keep reading for all of the details she’s revealed so far.

Jen typically has very positive updates to share about her kids. Will and Zoey are both growing up quickly and are hitting big milestones and accomplishing big things. The proud mom of two documents many of the highlights in her kids’ lives. Below, you can see a snap of Will celebrating his 13th birthday in New York City in February.

The Little Couple - Jen Arnold Instagram
The Little Couple – Jen Arnold Instagram

Unfortunately, her latest update about Will revealed he was in the hospital.

Jen Arnold reveals her son, Will Klein, is hospitalized.

On Instagram on Thursday night, Jen informed her followers that her son is in the hospital. Fortunately, the 13-year-old’s hospital stay was planned in advance and it’s a normal, routine visit. Will is spending the night in the hospital for a sleep study. Jen wrote, “It’s been awhile, but it’s #sleepstudy time again. Always so proud of how well this guy handles these overnight studies in the hospital.”

In her post, Jen also used the hashtag #OSA, suggesting that her son suffers from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. She added that these are #LPP or #LittlePeopleProblems. Fans might recall seeing Will’s sleep study on the family’s TLC show years ago.

Below, you can see the new post Jen shared about Will’s hospitalization. In the photo, the young man is all smiles as he poses in the hospital room in his pajamas.


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The Little Couple fans pray for the young man.

Of course, as usual, Jen’s Instagram followers are praying for Will and offering other reassuring words. One fan said, “Wow, he is so grown up. I am so proud of how brave he is through this.” Another said they hope that Will gets good results.

Other fans can’t stop talking about Will’s growth. He’s not the same little one fans met on The Little Couple over a decade ago.

Hopefully, Will Klein’s sleep study goes well. He’s certainly feeling the love from his family’s fans via social media. Keep an eye out for a follow-up post from Jen very soon.

So, are you relieved to learn that Will Klein is simply undergoing a routine sleep study? Can you believe how quickly he’s growing up and becoming a young man? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple stars Bill, Jen, Will, and Zoey.

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