Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes First Talk On ‘BIP’ Since Split?

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Former Bachelorette, Katie Thurston, and ex-fiancé, Blake Moynes ended their relationship shortly after the finale aired for her season. The two have not been on the best terms. So, after taking a break from the franchise Blake is returning to Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. To add to the confusion and drama, Katie is seen in previews as well. What will happen on the beaches of Mexico? Will these two speak? Keep reading to find out more.

Katie Thurston to make guest appearance on BIP

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes have not been on the best terms following their split. After a lot of speculation, it has been confirmed that Blake is returning for Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. It has also been confirmed that Katie will be making an appearance on the beach as well. Why is she there?

What will happen when these two come face to face? Is this the first time they have spoken since ending their short engagement?

Katie Thurston confirmed on a recent Instagram Q&A that she and Blake have not spoken since their break up. In fact, it wasn’t the best break up as a few weeks later she announced a relationship with John Hersey. Blake questioned the timeline of their new relationship. However, Katie and John maintain they were never romantic until after Katie and Blake split.

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In a recent Instagram story, Katie revealed that seeing Blake on the beach was the first time she had seen or spoken to him since they split a year and a half ago. Previews reveal to fans that Blake does not look very happy to see his ex-fiancé stepping out onto the beach. Katie went on to say in her post that this is all she could really say for now.

However, another fan said she thinks Katie went on the show to get closure with Blake. Katie replied and said spoiler alert I was not invited to get closure.

Is she a contestant?

For those wondering if Katie is a contestant on this season of the show, it’s pretty obvious she’s not there to find love. This seems obvious since it’s recently been announced she is one of the three leads on the upcoming season of Fboy Island.

Katie has been rather outspoken about The Bachelor franchise therefore many fans are surprised to even see her appearing on the show. She previously said producers would have to offer her a lot of money to be a contestant. It has not been disclosed how much she was offered for her appearance or exactly what she is doing in Mexico.

Now since Katie did head to the beach, she will reportedly get the chance to talk to Blake on Paradise. How will it go between them?

Don’t miss the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise on Thursday, September 28 on ABC. Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation faves.

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