‘The Challenge’ Latest Elimination Has Fans Calling Show Rigged

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The Challenge just had a shocking elimination and it has fans calling the show rigged. That elimination came in the USA 2 and it was so close fans called foul. Part of the problem came with distrust about the timing of the event.

Here is a look at what happened and why The Challenge fans are crying foul.

The Challenge accused of rigging an elimination

The elimination fans remain angry about was that of rookie Dusty Harris. The moment came when he was in a competition with veteran Wes Bergmann and the event came down to mere seconds separating the two men, and then sending Dusty home. Wes was voted into the event by the Blue Team, hoping to eliminate him from the competition. Dusty went in from the other team, with seven anonymous votes.

The Challenge / YouTube

The two men faced off on Crank Shafted. One was on a giant wheel and the other untied the steering wheels and tried to unbalance the other. Whoever stayed on the wheel longer won. Wes stayed on the wheel for 37 seconds longer than Dusty. However, Wes thought he had lost the event. It was a mystery for fans too as there was no timer shown on the screen as is the case with other timed events. Instead, host TJ Lavin announced the times and eliminated Dusty.

One of the big reasons that many fans felt thatΒ The Challenge rigged it for Wes to win was because this was his last season on the show. He has basically hinted this is his last season and that he will focus on his business and being a dad after leaving the reality TV series. Wes Bergmann is a three-time champion heading into this season.

Dusty talks aboutΒ The Challenge elimination

Dusty Harris talked about his elimination after that close-call event. According to Dusty, it was a “punch to the stomach” (via TV Insider). He said his time was coming after the vote because he was the only one left from Amazing Race and he had “no blood on hands.” However, he also said her had an argument with Tiffany Mitchell that might have weighed into the vote.

As for his elimination onΒ The Challenge, Dusty said he faced off against “one of the best to ever do it in the elimination.” He said that he knew he was going to win, but he got a little bit tangled up early on. That cost him a little time, and then he said he took more time balancing than Wes did. “I felt like I did enough; I thought I won. I think you see the expression on everyone’s face standing there; I think they all thought I won,” Dusty said. When he heard he lost, he said he “felt numb.”

What are your thoughts on The Challenge elimination? Does it seem strange there was no timer shown and the results were so close? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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