‘Survive The Raft’: How Did Jimmy Avoid Being Voted Off?

Jimmy on Survive the Raft / YouTube

Survive the Raft is a new reality TV show on Discovery Channel. It puts a group of people together to compete in difficult tasks. As in shows like Survivor, it is up to the competitors to vote each other out. However, this week’s preview shows that Jimmy avoided getting voted off for a controversial reason.

Here is what the competitors are scared to vote off Jimmy and what it says about the reality TV show.

Why is Jimmy not getting voted off Survive the Raft?

There has been a recent target of the contestants on Survive the Raft. That is Jamal “Jimmy” Yessin. He is a legitimate contender for the season, a professional paddleboarder who has called himself a “leader.” However, he is also very confrontational and has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with his attitude. He is also playing a shady game and has his own ulterior motives. It has made his competitors want to eliminate him, but it seems they are afraid to do so.

Jimmy on Survive the Raft / YouTube

However, it seems from Sunday’s preview clip that the reason they are scared to vote him off has little to do with the spirit of competition. CJ Duffie said that they can’t vote off Jimmy because he is “full Syrian.” What he means by this is that CJ said, “regardless of how confrontational Jimmy may be, we cannot remove him because he’s Syrian.” He said they are supposed to keep marginalized groups on the boat. CJ said that eliminating a person “of color” would make the show look discriminatory.

CJ went on to say that, as a white man, this puts him in a very dangerous spot when it comes to elimination. As for Jimmy, he said he will do anything he can to make sure that his teammates can’t eliminate him. This is troublesome for the Discovery Channel reality TV series.

Survive the Raft is already under fire for racism

Survive the Raft is already facing accusations of racism this season. CJ wasn’t alone in his belief that they couldn’t vote to eliminate Jimmy because of his race. Elliott Capella and Russell Ellis also agreed that it wouldn’t be a “good move” to eliminate Jimmy for that exact reason. This came after several cast members left the show.

Four of the nine competitors in the first season either quit the show or were eliminated. People who left early included Jonathan Dade, Mykhal Polite, and Lashanna Lintamo, who were all Black. Summer Homayed was someone else who pushed back at the perceived racial treatment. Summer, a Muslim, said in a confessional that people picked fights with her because of her religion.

“I don’t want to sit here and say it comes down to a racial thing, but I’ll leave that for the world to see,” Summer said in a confessional on the show. “We don’t have the same culture. I feel singled out. I didn’t come here for that.”

What are your thoughts about the racial implications on Survive the Raft? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. there is alot of bulling going on this show…. Tara is a bossy loud mouth while Marissa is a cry baby !! get rid of Jimmy and those pain in the butt gir.all three of them are trouble, bring back cj!

    1. Agree 100% with you! I’m so tired of Tara and her manipulative whining! CJ is a decent guy who got treated like crap…..all because of Tara.

  2. Well I for one will no longer watch this show as I am sick and tired of competition game shows now being where anyone for whatever reason can call the race card to compete. It’s no longer a true competition where they say they want you to work as a team and vote as a team, but god for I’d you have to chose as a team by race and not personality and how well someone fits in. Jimmy made me sick from the start with his claiming there’s a new King in town and all the backstabbing he did as well as making up things to stir the pot. If they had voted him off, it would have been for his personality, not his race. Not going to support the race card crap anymore as this is what the media and shows in there selves have stoked the flames when it comes to race. Sad to and that is my opinion and my right to say as I believe the flames continue to be stoked.

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