‘Today’ Al Roker Mocks Happy Guest On Air

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The Today Show host Al Roker made things a little awkward for viewers after he mocked a happy guest during a segment on Thursday.

Al is known as the show’s prankster and rabble-rouser. But he usually limits his teasing and jokes to his colleagues, both on- and off-air. However, Thursday’s show got a little uncomfortable for fans after Al turned his acerbic tongue on a guest who was sharing a happy moment with the show. Read on to find out what Al said, and who he was making fun of.

Al’s Teasing Provokes Strong Reaction From Dylan Dreyer

It wasn’t just guests that Al Roker was making fun of this week. During a segment on the show on Wednesday, new entertainment correspondent Chloe Melas introduced her husband Brian to the crew. Co-host Dylan Dreyer also happens to be married to a Brian, who is a producer for the show.

Al decided to poke fun at this commonality in the midst of the friendly chatter. Al told Dylan, “You know what’s interesting? Your Brian and Chloe’s Brian, very much the same physique!” Dylan, visibly grinding her teeth and frustrated, responded by throwing her stack of papers at Al across the desk. Co-hosts Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin ducked out of the way, looking shocked.

An amused Al laughed at Dylan’s reaction, and Chloe tried desperately to change the subject. Dylan snapped jokingly at Al, “Did that paper cut you? I wanted that to paper-cut you!” Craig later recalled the incident, calling it a “Today Show first!” He added, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dylan throw something.” Dylan laughed and agreed, “A stack of papers!”

Today‘s Al Roker Mocked A Happy Guest While They Were On Air

Al Roker brought that sharp tongue out again on a segment Thursday morning. Astrophysicist and beloved guest Neil deGrasse Tyson made an appearance and he played a game of the “Who’s Warmer?” quiz against Al.

The two bantered back and forth during a special “lunar episode” of the quiz game. As per his usual friendly personality, Neil insisted that Al call him by his first name. Then Al asked, “Who’s warmer? Death Valley, California, or the Apollo 11 Landing Site?” Without hesitation, Neil responded that the answer depends on whether you’re asking about daytime or nighttime temperatures. During the day, the astrophysicist explained, the Apollo 11 site is “way hotter” than Death Valley.

Al turned to the board and revealed that Neil was correct. Neil then broke out a “happy dance” in honor of his correct answer. Al mockingly quipped, “I don’t know if we really needed to see that.” Neil laughed and the co-hosts laughed awkwardly before they all moved on.

Do you think Al Roker carries his joking comments too far? Or is he exactly the sarcastic edge that the show needs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And catch The Today Show every weekday morning on NBC.


  1. al is just being al !!! he is genuinely a nice man!! he’s just a wise guy like so many of us!!!
    everyone chill out!!!!!!

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