Ariana Madix Says Bethenny ‘Should’ve Known Better’

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Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix says Bethenny Frankel “should’ve known better” when she interviewed Rachel Leviss. Several current and former cast members have been unhappy with the way Frankel handled the situation. They also did not appreciate the lies that Leviss told or how Frankel enabled them on a larger scale. Now, Ariana is speaking up about the Just B podcast that referenced her a lot and she is not too happy with Bethenny. Read on for more details.

Ariana Madix Says Bethenny ‘Should’ve Known Better’

Rachel Leviss spoke her truth to Bethenny Frankel after Leviss’ people allegedly reached out to Frankel. Frankel believed that Rachel should be compensated for the abuse she suffered at the hands of the show. Seeing that Leviss was now out of the mental health facility, she took the opportunity. However, it seemed she spun the narrative her way and Bethenny allowed it. Admittedly, Bethenny had never seen one episode of Vanderpump Rules so she had no context to go off of, just Rachel’s word. Furthermore, the podcast host had only watched the three-part finale so she just saw venom and hate spewed at Rachel.

Rachel’s relationship with Ariana Madix was also discussed and Leviss shared that she and Madix were not that close. This seemed fishy considering they both talked about how much they loved and respected one another. Additionally, the way that Ariana spoke to Rachel at the reunion was brought up. Bethenny had a lot of strong feelings but, again, did not know the whole backstory. Now, according to Us Weekly, Ariana is speaking out. She talked about it on her best friend, Scheana Shay’s podcast, Scheananigans.

Ariana Madix, Scheana Shay/Pump Rules/Instagram
Ariana Madix, Scheana Shay-Instagram

No, she was not mad at Rachel though Ariana was hurt and mad by some of what she had said. Yet, she was very put off by Bethenny: “I feel like [she] should’ve known better.” She also took offense to feeling like Bethenny was speaking for her and how she felt. For example, Frankel insinuated that Ariana had forgiven her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. How would she even know? Then, Scheana and Ariana addressed the reunion.

The Venom

Bethenny Frankel read all of the names that Ariana Madix had called Rachel Leviss at the reunion. She said that if anyone talked that way to her daughter, she would kill them. Ariana noted that she has a mother who watched her suffer after the months-long affair and added: “[My mom] certainly doesn’t think that me responding to all of the with some harsh and warranted words is the worst thing that could happen.”

Raquel Leviss, Ariana Madix/Instagram
Raquel Leviss, Ariana Madix-Instagram

More so, Ariana firmly believes that her reaction, at that moment, was one many in her position would have had. Plus, she did not think she would ever see Rachel again. Of course, she does not feel she would say the same stuff today. Finally, she maintains that she and Leviss were close friends. In Rachel’s words, Ariana can still hear Sandoval’s influence and knows they never cared about her.

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