Hoda Kotb Schools Jenna Bush Hager On How To Party

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On a recent segment of Today With Hoda & Jennathe co-hosts realize they have two very different approaches when it comes to partying. More specifically, when it comes time to leave the party. Cracking up as she listens to Jenna Bush Hager discuss her struggles to call it a night and go home, Hoda Kotb proceeds to school her on the right way to party.

Hoda Kotb Schools Jenna Bush Hager On How To Party

Jenna Bush Hager fesses up to Hoda that she has to get better at leaving parties. She explains that her method involves “pre-leaving” the party. She finds herself in this awkward dance where she goes around the room. And, she tells everyone she is leaving. Jenna, however, ends up in awkward conversations with several guests and takes way longer than planned to leave the party.

Hoda jumps in and explains that she arrives to a party about 30 minutes early. She sits in the car and does a few things from her phone. And, then she’s one of the first guests at the party. Hoda Kotb explains she then proceeds to take on the role of greeter. She tends near the front and welcomes everyone into the party as if she were the one hosting the party. This allows her to say hello to everyone as they are coming in the door.

This approach allows her to speak to everyone at the party when they first come through the door. Then, she has no issues with just leaving when it is time to go without feeling like she has to talk to anyone. She jokingly takes the “Hodini” approach to exiting the party.

Schooling her co-host, she explains Jenna’s problem is she waits until the “back end” of the party to mingle. Hoda gets that out of the way from the beginning and doesn’t have to do that awkward dance. Jenna admits her co-host might be onto something. And, she needs to work on getting better with just leaving when she needs to.

How Fans Feel About It

Sharing the clip on Instagram, The Today Show asks viewers how they prefer to exit a party. Many point out that Jenna Bush Hager shouldn’t feel about about her approach. They explained she just has a “Southern hospitality” way of leaving. And, there was nothing wrong with it.

Overall, viewers were pretty mixed agreeing with both Jenna and Hoda. Some even explained they had their own method of leaving a party.

Do you prefer Hoda Kotb’s method of coming to and leaving a party? Or, do you end up taking Jenna Bush Hager’s awkward approach? Let us know how you handle parties in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more updates on The Today Show.

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