Kailyn Lowry Talks Son’s Unresolved Relationship With Her Ex

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Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry is opening up about her son’s unresolved relationship with her ex. She shared that when a romance falls apart, it does not just affect her and her partner. Rather, her children also feel it and this is the case with one of her children. So, which son and ex-partner is she referring to? Read on for more details.

Kailyn Lowry Talks Son’s Unresolved Relationship With Her Ex

When viewers first met Kailyn Lowry on 16 & Pregnant, she was dating Jo Rivera. Together, they had their son, Isaac but the relationship did not last. She ended up finding love with Javi Marroquin and they welcomed a baby boy named Lincoln. Though the two did tie the knot, their marriage failed and they got divorced. She proceeded to have two more sons with her now ex, Chris Lopez. Unfortunately, it was a struggle for Kailyn to find common ground with her exes and an equal struggle for her kids.

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Kailyn’s sons-Facebook

According to The Sun, Kailyn Lowry revealed that her eldest son, Isaac has found it really hard to find a happy place with his former stepfather, Javi. She discussed it on her CoffeeConvos podcast which she co-hosts with Lindsie Chrisley. “Truthfully, and I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, nothing has hurt Isaac more in his life than my divorce with Javi…nothing has affected him the way that my divorce did…to this day I see the emotional turmoil that my divorce created in Isaac,” the mother of four shared.

Javi, Lincoln, Kailyn Lowry-Instagram
Javi, Lincoln, Kailyn Lowry-Instagram

She was married to Javi for three years but it ended in 2016. However, the lingering effects still impact Isaac, 13, until this day. This is despite him having a great relationship with his bio dad. Kailyn went on to add that it was very hard for Isaac because he was with Javi much more than his father, Jo. So, when the marriage fell apart, Kail’s son with Javi, Isaac, got to spend all of the quality time with his father that Isaac felt he was missing out on.

Abandoned & Alone

As for whether or not Isaac wants to ever see Javi, Kailyn Lowry shared that it is really hard for him. This led her to get emotional as she expressed how the teen felt. “Isaac doesn’t want to see Javi now because I think it still brings up unresolved…it could be abandonment, I don’t know because it wasn’t like there was a decision made where Isaac’s never going to go with Javi again.” She also noted that Javi now had a new family and she will never be able to change what happened.

Do you understand why Isaac feels the way he does? Is there more to the story from Javi’s side that Kailyn might not be telling? Let us know in the comments below.

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