‘Alone’ Star Creates GoFundMe For Mikey Helton Jr.’s Son Nikolais

Alone, used with History's permission

Fans of History’s Alone will never forget Season 10 third-place contestant, Mikey Helton Jr.’s determination in the extreme cold of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Because he did not complete his mission, his fellow reality star has stepped up with a GoFundMe. This is to help Mikey’s son Nikolais.

What is the heartbreaking reason why this Rome, Georgia native had to battle weather, and dangerous beasts to try to win the $500,000 grand prize?

Here are all the details.

Luke Olson Creates GoFundMe For Fellow Alone Contestant Mikey Helton Jr.

The History Channel’s fan-favorite reality series Alone just-finished Season 10. However, fans were left disappointed to learn that Mikey Helton Jr. did well, but ended at third place. He was unable to meet his goal of winning the season. Subsequently, he did not win the $500,000 that he so desperately needs.

Mikey didn’t just want to win that money. He needed to win that money. That is because his young son Nikolais has severe autism. That money is needed for special schools, therapists, and other important people to help this young boy become the best he can be.

However, Luke Olsen, another Season 10 contestant, has stepped up and created a GoFundMe For Mikey Helton Jr. to pay for all the things Nikolais needs.

Alone, used with History's permission
Alone, used with History’s permission

Luke Olsen Called Mikey Helton Jr. One Of His ‘Favorite Humans’

On the fundraising platform, Luke Olsen called his Alone co-star Mikey Helton Jr. “One of my favorite humans.” He continued to praise how his friend battled. “Mikey touched the hearts of many as he survived the brutal Canadian winter, enduring starvation, freezing temperatures, and loneliness.”

Most of all he praised Mikey because he was willing to sacrifice for his child. “Mikey sacrificed his body and mind in an effort to win $500,000 to help his son Nikolais.”

The Maui, Hawaii native shared how grueling it was for Mikey Helton Jr., as he survived nearly two months in these brutal conditions. He bravely chose to leave on his own, but despite being frozen, he didn’t take a med evac. Luke also praised Mikey’s determination to help his five-year-old child.

Mikey lasted 55 days in the Boreal Shield Forest, lost 86 pounds eating nothing but grouse, and mice and nearly lost toes to frostbite. Mikey showed us what a father’s love will accomplish and what true sacrifice looks like.”

Alone, used with History's permission
Alone, used with History’s permission

Currently, the goal for the fundraiser is at $100,000, But, they are past the halfway point now. The amount donated is $51,485 with 308 donating money to the 31-year-old’s fund for his son’s care. In addition, the comments are heartwarming.

One donator wrote, “My husband and I were inspired by your love and dedication to your family.”

Alone fans, were you rooting for Mikey to win Season 10?

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  1. I admire the sacrifice Mikey made for his son, however he has more than 1 child. I wish he had showed some love and attention to his other children!

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