‘ABP’ Bird Gives Fans A Confusing Update On Ami Brown

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Alaskan Bush People fans have been following Bird because she got cancer as did her mom, Ami Brown and now she gave Discovery Channel fans an update that seems a bit confusing. It involved the expansion of the star’s social media outreach. So, what is likely to make fans wonder if they missed the point? Read on to find out.

Ami Brown And Bird Are On Social Media

The ABP family seems to be greatly expanding their social media and the charge was led by Bear. He was one if the first to join platforms like Cameo and TikTok. Soon, Bird and Rain started becoming more active as well. And these days, even their mom is starting to expand. Actually, some people wondered if they do that because they are broke after the patriarch, Billy passed away.

Ami Brown joined Instagram back in March this year, and once again, as he did with his siblings it was Bear who made the announcement. Many fans of the Discovery Channel show loved it when that happened. Plenty of them excitedly welcomed the news. They turned out to wish her well and promised to watch for her content. Mind you, the latest update from Bird got some negative reactions.

Alaskan Bush People Star Ami Brown Joins  TikTok?

On August 19, Bird went onto her Instagram and shared a post about her mom. In it, she posted up a video that was uploaded to TikTok. You can see the full video further down in this article. In her caption, she said, “Hey everyone go check out moms TikTok.” Unfortunately, the handle that she gave, “amibrownwolfpackmamma,” doesn’t take people anywhere. So for now, the site returns a 404 error. Nevertheless, there is an existing account that has a very similar name: “@amibrownwolfpackmama” with one “m” in “mama” that does work.

Instagram Bird Brown Ami Brown ABP TikTok
Image Credit; @snowbird907brown Instagram

Ami Brown actually posted her first video on the account that works, back in May last year. On that occasion, it was Bear who introduced his mom to the site. So at the moment, it’s not clear if Bird directed Alaskan Bush People fans to her old account or if her mom will make a new one. However, it might have just been a typo because the latest content on her mom’s original is from two days ago.

ABP Fans React

Fans who love Ami Brown discussed Bird’s announcement in her original Instagram post.  One of the said, “Right on I can’t wait to follow peace and blessings as well❤️.”

However, others object to using the platform. A follower wrote, “We dont use TIK ToK y’all should not either. The Chinese use it to get info on all of us.”

Likewise, a fan said, “There have been many warnings that tik tok spies when you use their site. I don’t use it.”


Hey everyone go check out moms TikTok @amibrownwolfpackmama #birdbrown #bird #catlady #tomboy #getoutside #alaska #washington #alaskan #alaskangirl #beyourself #loveyourself #pnw #ranch #amibrown #billybrown #cameo

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Are you surprised to hear Bird announcing that her mom, Ami Brown is now on TikTok, but she had an existing account? Do you think she is starting a new one? Or did Bird just make a  typo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Alaskan Bush People news.

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