Sage Steele Claims Barbara Walters Physically Attacked Her

Sage Steele Claims Barbara Walters Physically Attacked Her - YouTube Collage

Sage Steele, former anchor the SportsCenter on ESPN, made a shocking allegation against the late TV personality and journalist Barbara Walters recently. According to Sage Steele, Barbara once assaulted her when she made an appearance on The View. The former ESPN alleged the attack happened backstage.

When and where did Sage Steele make this allegation? Moreover, what exactly is she claiming happened between her and Barbara Walters? Keep reading for the shocking details.

Sage Steele Claims Barbara Walters Physically Attacked Her

The 50-year-old former SportsCenter anchor sat down with Megyn Kelly as a guest on “The Megyn Kelly Show” this week.

Before diving into it, Megyn Kelly warned that she really wouldn’t forgive herself if she didn’t ask what happened between Sage and the legendary Barbara Walters.

“Barbara Walters, she attacked you? Wait what?!” Megyn Kelly exclaimed in shock during this episode of the SiriusXM show as she probed her guest for the tea on what happened.

Sage Steele proceeded to explain it was back in 2014 when Barbara Walters attacked her backstage on the set of The View. She clarified the altercation occurred immediately after a segment that was focused on President Barack Obama.

Sage explained she was standing backstage with Barbara and Whoopi Goldberg when Barbara got close to her, and somewhat pushed her into the wall, before pulling her arm back and elbowing her.

Whoopi Goldberg Saw The Attack

Sage Steele tells Megyn Kelly she was not sure what to make of the attack. Both Whoopi Goldberg and some of the producers saw it happen. Sage was in shock. She joked that she was flabbergasted because a “140-year-old woman” tried to “beat” her up.

Whoopi saw it and she was like, ‘Come here.’ And she was great. And she pulled me aside in her little area and she’s like, ‘Don’t you let her do it.’ I’m like, am I in a movie right now? One of the legends that in this industry just tried to beat me up!”

Watch the video with Sage explaining what happened:

Sage Steele Praised For Speaking Out

In the comments of the YouTube video, fans of Sage Steele were in awe of the way she told the story. Moreover, the viewers proceeded to share other stories about Barbara Walters. Many agreed that she may have been a legend in the industry, but she wasn’t that great of a person.

One individual noted they had the pleasure of sitting near the late journalist once. And, they recalled all she did was complain about various things the entire time she was talking. Here’s what some other viewers had to say:

  • “Sage is truly so stunning! Such a gorgeous, talented and strong woman.”
  • “Not only is Sage a stone cold fox. She is an angel who was sent down from heaven on a rainbow.”
  • “Well I guess Barbara showed her true colors. Pretty disappointing!”

Overall, no one seemed to have an issue with Sage speaking ill of the dead. In fact, it seemingly made people love her more.

What do you think about the story Sage Steele shared? Let us know in the comments.

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