‘GMA’ Deborah Roberts’ Co-Hosts Worried For Her Safety

GMA Deborah Roberts - YouTube

On GMA (Good Morning America), Deborah Roberts gave her co-hosts a scare. After seeing what she was up to, they begin to show concern for her safety. She attempted something that was slightly dangerous and completely unexpected, making everyone question what she was thinking. So, what was Deborah up to on the show? And how did her co-hosts react? Keep reading for all of the details and find out whether she ended up okay.

GMA co-hosts express concern for Deborah Roberts’ safety.

During the Deals and Steals segment on GMA, Deborah found herself attempting to pull off a little stunt. She was promoting a good deal on beach towels. Rather than simply showing them off like she normally would, she jumped on her bike with the towels in the basket. She felt that this was the perfect way to continue the summery theme.

GMA Deborah Roberts - YouTube
GMA Deborah Roberts – YouTube

While on the air, she rode the bike while wearing high heels. Though she didn’t have to go fast or far, her co-hosts were pretty freaked out. They were in disbelief over what she was attempting. They thought she would seriously hurt herself. Somehow, she managed to get it done though. Her co-star, Tory Johnson said, “I said, ‘Is Deborah actually gonna ride the bike?'” Robin Roberts was caught off guard and in shock after seeing Deborah riding the bike in heels. But overall, it seems like everyone was very impressed with her biking skills, even if it was a little scary at the moment.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened to Deborah as she rode a bike in high heels and gave her co-hosts a scare. Viewers at home were likely taken by surprise when they watched this segment. Tory added that this move by Deborah only “proved that she could do anything.” Below, you can see a snap of her riding her bike on GMA this week.

As the segment wrapped up and Deborah rode away, Lara Spencer urged her co-host to be careful.

GMA Deborah Roberts - YouTube
GMA Deborah Roberts – YouTube

Deborah Roberts seems to be in great shape.

If you follow Deborah and her husband, Al Roker, on social media, you may know that they are very active. They’re often working out together, and she recently left him in the dust. Of course, riding a bike in high heels is a whole different ball game. But it’s possible that her being in such great shape kept her safe during this little stunt on the air.

So, were you also concerned about Deborah Roberts’ safety? Or do you think she has it all under control? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about GMA and your other favorite talk shows.

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